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Stuart Little: The Great Mouse Detective

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Every day, thousands of needy children are put up for adoption. These unwanted kids, cast off by society, are often the victims of abuse and neglect. All they're looking for is a loving family and a good home.

Today, Mr. & Mrs. Little will disregard all of those children and adopt a rodent...

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You have my scrolling through your work don't you lol. This is the best I've seen of your work so far. I could say this has the most solid writing and best visuals I've seen so far in your work. This is pretty great. It's pretty great how you twisted Stuart and George. Pretty creative.

Feels like we dont get top notch parodies like this more often.

p.s. Can you upload your cover of Mambo no 5 to the audio portal? Its quite grammy worthy if i do say so myself

Sums the movie up perfectly.

saw this on reddit. amazed as always!

One of the best and underrated animations out there.