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Youtube version:

a big thanks to my best friends and creative partners!!!

Big Urethra

and to my dad and sister who I forgot to put in the credits (sorry).

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i had a great time watching this, the theme is interesting, the humour is awesome, it was beautiful and clean...i mean i loved the way you used the blackness with spots of action...it really created a great mix of realities...very cool really.

HarrisonWyrick responds:

thank you so much!!!! We have a sequel coming out very soon :)))

Easily one of the best things I have ever seen on Newgrounds. Truly excellent.

Really cool idea and surreal mixture of live-action and animation! The editing could have used some work, like in the brief word segments without any audio, but otherwise a great job!

one of the most wired yet beautiful movie . you need a oscar for Best Picture