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The Foreversphere

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Created and Animated by Zach Liberman
Film Score and Sound Design by Mickey Wilson

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I hope there will be a series or at least a sequel.

MickeyWilsonSFX responds:

Zach is planning on creating a sequel, possibly a series (not exactly sure about a series but anything is possible). I’ll mention that to him! Glad you like it though, thank you!

it's colourful and vibrant, and I can feel the heart and effort that went into this movie!

MickeyWilsonSFX responds:

Such kind words, thank you! 😁

Seems like... an introduction? A preview? A glimpse into something larger than life? I love how the atmosphere builds up, but was expecting a bit more from the 'story'! Great voicing too. Heavy and wise; high in the skies, like the God that there flies...


MickeyWilsonSFX responds:

Thank you! Part 2 will be coming. Really appreciate the feedback, Cyberdevil!

Wasn't expecting that at the end.

I'm really liking that background music, it really sets the mood.
Great backgrounds and designs.
I thought that bubble animation in the beginning was really cool.

Good animation.

Wish there was more to it... an ending that was just as climactic as the beginning.

MickeyWilsonSFX responds:

Thank you for the feedback! It’s a cartoon short, there’s going to be a part 2. I think the ending has humor in the irony of the story. He’s sent on this grand majestic mission then dies at the end. But yeah it’s kinda set up for part 2, TBD. Thank you again, Chris!

This is some sick work. Great music/animation, this would fit really well somewhere on as

MickeyWilsonSFX responds:

Thanks lucasadilla! It’s funny you say that, my fiancée and I said the same thing about AS when Zach sent me the video for the first time before I started working on audio. Maybe someday!