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***** Escape to Pause the game and view controls when inside a level. *****
WASD or Arrow Keys to Move.
Spacebar to Advance Text.
Escape to Pause the game and view controls.

Dreamscape is a game about a boy named Thomas who uses his dreams to solve his problems and become the person he was meant to be. This game was made as a class assignment for a game design class a few quarters ago (Spring 2017). The game features three levels each with their own different play styles and a main hub world that you go to after each level to progress game. If you have any feedback on what could be done better, please don't hesitate in letting me know. I hope you enjoy!

*Small Changes to movement to make it more crisp and less floaty
*Story Text placement

New Update:
*Change to Player Speed on Ice Level and Ability to Right Click to shine light.
*Fixed Glitch where you could teleport outside map on Red Level

New Update: 1/16/2018
*Added Diagonal Movement for Levels 1 and 3
*Adjusted Move speed for Level 3

Hopefully with this update, the game will be much easier to play.

New Update: 1/17/2018:
*Fixed bug where player would move a tad bit after pressing controls to move on 1st and 3rd Level

***** Escape to Pause the game and view controls when inside a level. *****

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On the blue trial, I was floating in mid air as I walked over the falling tiles. Also, the words were hard to read against a white background. If you must use a white font along with bright backgrounds, then I suggest that you use one with a dark outline, so it is easier to read and less of a strain on the eyes. Also, proofread your words in the game before you upload it. Correct spelling goes a long way. I like the art style of the game though. It's got mad potential.

i cant figure out how to get in his dream with light

HighPixel21 responds:

I'm assuming your talking about the third level with the ghost. The goal is to complete the maze by finding the green gem and heading back to the door. Use spacebar to shine the light and kill the ghost. Whenever you are in a level, Just press escape to check controls. Thanks for playing!

really not bad.
I liked the idea of the 3 trials, the embiant for each one and the variety of gameplay.
maybe it's a little short but this is not a big problem

there are only 2 big problems:

1- the countrols are a little buggy. when you stop moving, your caracter is moved some pixels to his left.

2- you should explain the controls for each trial. I died hundred of times in the dark area before discovering you can use the light against the ghosts. and in the battle area, there were no explaination how to kill the enemies.

but exept those 2 points, it was really cool.
I'm curious to see what you'll do next.
(sorry for my bad English)

HighPixel21 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, Pressing escape will display the controls for each level. I'll look into the bug about the character moving when not touching the controls. Thanks for playing!

Hmm, now I see so much potential in this game but it's kinda downplayed by the broken controls, I mean, moving is kind of a chore sometimes, especially when you have to find a way to get into the kids' dream, I mean how would I know to climb the books and the desk to get to the board above the window? There are some things that I felt were left out.

The levels were kind of bland and the atmosphere was kinda lacking.

The game looked great on paper but executed poor in terms of design and decision.

I'm looking forward to some updates, loved the concept!

HighPixel21 responds:

Thanks for feedback, I'm looking into changing the controls to make it easier to play. it was original suppose to be played with a controller but I changed it to Keyboard for the WEBGL version.

This game is nice my complaints would be How the words are coloured on-screen and that the controls are floaty.

HighPixel21 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into change the controls and word font.

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3.25 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2018
2:30 PM EST
Adventure - Other