Fallout NV Random Character Generator

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Just a little tool I've made myself within an hour for New Vegas.

Download: https://aaron-the-game-maker.itch.io/fallout-nv-random-character-generator

Support: https://www.gofundme.com/support-my-game

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It not runs on the Mozzila Firefox

No Chrome at the moment :(

the-pro01 responds:

That's annoying. Probably not going to upload anymore WebGL games. It's for the best anyway, especially since my games are low quality and I don't want spam Newgrounds / Kongregate with them.

Doesn't work on safari or chrome at the moment :(

the-pro01 responds:

Sorry about that. It's not a game anyway, it's just a tool for New Vegas. You're not missing out on anything.

There is only one build for fallout new vegas.

Strength = 5 ; increases to 8 with implants, enough to equip nearly every weapon including the antimaterial rifle.

Perception = 5 ; increases to 6 with the implant in order to get better criticals

Endurance = 9 ; maximizes hp and implants

Charisma = 1 ; perks are bad passive benefit is bad

Intelligence = 6 ; increases to 7 with the implant, enough get voracious reader (infinite true police stories) + enough skill points to max your skills.

Agility = 9 ; maximizes reload speed, ap, holster and draw speed

Luck = 5 ; boosts to 6 with implant, enough for better criticals

the-pro01 responds:

To each, their own. I just made this because I didn't want to keep using the "OP build". I wanted to see how a random character would change the wastelands (if they could survive).

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Jan 12, 2018
6:23 PM EST
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