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The Powerhouse Ep. 2

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Basic info: I think that I improved a lot since my last animation but there are still things i could work on like the quality of the animation. I fixed the screen size, increased the frame rate, and made the effects better. Make sure to give feedback on what I could improve.

Plot: As the evil mastermind's robot army is taking over the world, they are having trouble getting past military defenses. This is the reason why he needs super soldiers to take over the world. The story follows where the last episode left off after Peter was forced to freeze the other boy's heart. He realizes just how big of an operation is going on here, there is a whole city in this facility! He also realizes that his power comes with a catch when he faces off against the criminal "Shade". Just how big is this city? How will Peter deal with these problems?

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Heard my song in here, thanks for using my song bud!

SpartanlordPDG responds:

It was a cool song, I jest felt like it would fit with the video!

This needs a ton of improvement and more effort in your animation and art. There a reason why your score is low but take it to heart to improve your craft. Best of luck in the future for your ongoing animation.

SpartanlordPDG responds:

Thank you for your honesty, I will do my best to keep improving!

Pretty good! It's way better than anything I could ever do, I mean seriously if you look at my art it's nothing like this... Okay so really like the concept, it's got great potential! Keep at it m8

SpartanlordPDG responds:

Thanks! I will just keep trying to improve my work so look forward to more like this!

The quality isn't worth 5 stars but your effort is. I like the idea of what you're doing but it definitely needs work and I want to encourage you to continue.

Try incorporating this: Have animation happen alongside the subtitles. Easy example is in the beginning, when he shouts GET DOWN. The animation freezes for a short time and then he get shot. You can have the bullets flying towards him with the subtitles still there, and play around with how long to wait before beginning again or maybe having the bullets cut off his words and stuff like that.
Next example is while the guy is going down the, like, idk what that was, into the new town and it was telling him rules and stuff, that time was a perfect opportunity to show the scenery. It takes a lot more effort to draw and animate background like that, but it makes for a much more enjoyable experience, and one thing you'll find in animation is that even thought it takes a very long time, it's worth it.

SpartanlordPDG responds:

Thank you so much! I will try my hardest to improve my animation skills! And I will take your advice and try to do that with the subjects.