Jaycartoons: The Last of the Jaycartoons

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That's right, it's finally time! Jaycomics ran for about a year, and it's about a year since we started doing Jaycartoons! This is the last one. It's the longest one of all, clocking in at a staggering three minutes of incoherent moon-related event sequences.

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Are you actually done making these? They're pretty funny.

I don't get it... the guy with the firebomb was the only "ha" I had.

Not a fan fan of stick figure animations.

Lip sync was good.

I wish the drawings were animated and not just the stick figure characters.

It was going along pretty well, and then the shot of them in the rocket got you that extra half-star. Good work!

that was pertty good i wont to make someti=hing good as that to