M.A.D. Drunk

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Made this a couple months ago. Meant to upload it on New Year's Eve but totally spaced.

You're the President of the United States, and North Korea has just initiated a nuclear strike against the USA. You must press the big red button to ensure mutually assured destruction. The only caveat is that it's New Year's Eve so you're piss-yourself-drunk.

Can you press the button and save the nation. Mr. President?

Someone said sarcastically that they wanted a game where they just press one button to win, so I made this in an hour or two.


It's funny for what it is. Though to be honest, it kind of looks like it was made in 2007.

Lambtaco responds:

The old style is intentional, especially the thumbnail. Sometimes I get nostalgic for old Newgrounds.

gg this was fun keep up the work

Lambtaco responds:


reminds me of the stuff joecartoon did during the Clinton and Bush years

Lambtaco responds:

Dang, was Joe Cartoon really that long ago? I guess Clinton was still president in 2000, so it makes sense. Doesn't feel that old.

Anyway, I did give it that sort of oldschool Flash game flavour, what with the title screen explanation and stuff.

One day this will be on a history website

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Lambtaco responds:

When we rebuild society after the great mushroom war.

Amazing effort for this game.

BTW, i am the the first person to your games. :P

Lambtaco responds:

Not sure what you mean by that but okay.

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Jan 9, 2018
9:04 PM EST
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