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4th 5 Points

Finish in 3:45 or less

5th 5 Points

Finish in 4:00 or less

2nd 10 Points

Finish in 3:15 or less

3rd 10 Points

Finish in 3:30 or less

1st 25 Points

Finish in 3:00 or less

Author Comments

Clean up a heap of chips in ascending order as fast as possible. Mouse-only, double-cllick proof. Click to proceed.


Very simple, but sometimes that's all a game needs to be.

The big docker of points is that this is a very bare-bones presentation. As others have mentioned, there's a lack of music. But there's also no sound, at all! Sound effects can be satisfying in themselves - clicking a chip could have a clack sound as it gets wizzed off the screen. Every 10th chip could have a special sound and have an extra sparky effect or something. The menu and instructions are basic and without animation, the start button doesn't highlight or anything when moused over or clicked...

It's functional, but not stylized. Which doesn't make it bad, but gamers are going to want some flash and bang. I suspect that the author understands this, though, and this was simply a quick project that couldn't get more time. I just want to be fair in my assessment >_<

I hope to see more games!

DasSG responds:

Thank you for honest review. This bare-bones simple game was started in August 2017 in a splash of creativity, and since then was a part of a growing unfinished ideas collection... At the end of the year I decided to submit something (there was an art submission, but I'm not scouted, so it's not really visible), so the year wouldn't be empty, and as you can see - I failed to release it in 2017. Actually finishing something (even in this state) is way harder than starting a new idea from scratch to me. No music was a deliberate decision, since the game is not stylized enough for me to select an appropriate music to match, and even putting something random/generic would require volume controls/mute button. I admit that no sound effects is a defect/laziness thing though.

Anyway - this game was a message I'm still alive and kicking (at least in 2017), and miraculausly it wasn't blammed in its current state.

Glad to hear from you, wish you the best in 2018

Fun time waster, not much in terms of gameplay but that's to be expected. It is great for what it is though it could use some background music. Some slight issues with textures when some numbers leave a small white right where they were but that's only a miner issue.

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DasSG responds:

Thank you for review

I mainly tested the game in Firefox, and it looked fine. There are some leftover pixels in Chrome, I believe because of different CanvasRenderingContext2D.clip() implemetation - antialising of some kind. It generally works the same, and fixing these artifacts require a differrent approach to drawing (or something I don't understand), which is the core of the game itself. I knew about these atifacts in Chrome and decided to publish anyway, sorry.

Charming, simplistic little game, a short burst of nice, clean fun where your objective is to clear the board of a bunch of scattered numbered chips, in order, as fast as you can. Surprisingly challenging if you're aiming for a good time; you will be tasked with reading sideways and upside down.

Docked a star and a half because I think it could use improvement. A little music (perhaps something from the Audio portal?), and perhaps changing the shade of the dark blue chips, as they are a very dark and hard to read shade.

All good otherwise. Keep up the good effort. Short and sweet games of that nature are always a welcome sight.

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DasSG responds:

Thanks for review

About music. While Audio portal is full of masterpieces it's hard to make a reasonable choice. I strongly believe that music should be used to enhance the theme/style of a game, its lore. For instance if the game is stylized in retro 8-bits, some chiptune would fit nicely. But for this game the style is too open/generic/simple to get a style/theme for music to enhance in my opinion.

About dark/hard to read chips - sorry about that. I tried the game with single color and found variation more interesting. Rotating the chips make them harder to read too. Anyway - that didn't stop you from getting all the medals :)

I liked the simplicity of this game. Pretty straightforward. Could it have been beneficial to have some music on it? Perhaps, but I don't feel it's completely necessary. It might keep the players a little bit more engaged, but the premise alone for the game is fun. Putting time limits on the medals makes the game worth coming back to, as well. It's like a challenge within a challenge. Overall, I would say you have a cool game here.

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DasSG responds:

Thank you for a generous review.

Most reviewers mentioned lack of music for a game initially designed to be 3 minutes long and that's something I haven't really considered. When the goal is to focus on searching - will the music help most players ? My answer was no, not really.

Far more addicting than i thought it was going to be lol.

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Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2018
11:54 AM EST
Puzzles - Other