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Zombie Survivee

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Author Comments

You have to keep running... don't stop or you will die.

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this is pretty good for the time frame but I'd improve on the movement of the zombies and I'd add a secondary weapon as well as a ammo system, and i recommend continuing your work.

well it does need work but, yeah adding sound and some gadgets should be cool, by the moment, 2 and Half

Was this game made in fifty seconds? Probably yes.

ShyWare responds:

I don't see you making a game... sooooo

It needs upgrades, different weapons, and a way to change the controls. Adding different music and sounds would also be a great idea.

ShyWare responds:

I'ts still under development. After a couple of updates I should have all of that...

i like it. I mean, its not the best game, but considering this is just a random game i stumbled upon, this is decent enough. I've fiddled with the odd code every now and then, tried to make a game, so i know how long and difficult it can be to set up something like a point system. i do have a few suggestions though, as a sort of food for thought; have you considered removing that "building" and making it a fully topdown shooter, that way you could implement some walls, or other proper obstacles, seeing as you already got basic collisions down this should be a matter of C + P code and changing sprites. A wave system would be nice, instead of a fixed number of zombies that spawn infinitely so that you could add safe points where you can upgrade, or levels, or if you're still going for that arcade type game, maybe some different guns, and a powerup that spawns troops in instead of them just appearing. Music is a bit of a pain, and i don't know much about that, but this is newgrounds, i'm sure you'll be able to find music for any games now and in the future. Adding in some sounds is probably one of the most important things right now though, as just gives the game a lot more life, ya know? Lastly, my advice would be to find something unique that you want your game to revolve around, cause most of my suggestions are quite generic for games tbh. examples of this uniqueness in games is something like time-manipulation, unconventional win conditions, changing perspectives, evolving gameplay etc. hope this helps a bit, for this game and games to come. - a fellow gamer

ShyWare responds:

Thanks ProfessorBacon, i'm still trying to make it better... I'm going to try to add an upgrade system, maybe add a money system and a shop. I'm definitely going to add music. I don't know how to add waves of zombies but I will find out. I might make a military base with a maze for the zombie... maybe destructible walls that the zombies have to break. I know its very bland right now but after a couple of updates it should be looking like a real game.

Credits & Info

2.32 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2017
12:34 PM EST