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The Tweet Before Christmas

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This took longer than I expected, but I'm glad to at least have it out before christmas. This project was close to being ruined a few days ago. I couldn't complete the last three shots before I flew out on my christmas break, so I brought my files with me. Well my hard drive crashed, and I couldn't access a single file. I had to send through my working assets peicemeal over a horrible internet connection and compile it remotely. It's pure luck that I didn't run in to any of the regular issues that would have been impossible to fix over the net. Talk about a christmas miracle.

This will probably be the last big project I do before shifting the tone of my content. For the short term at least I'll be doing everything I can to release more modest content more consistently. I've got some interesting things cooking for next year and can't wait to get the ball rolling. I might submit some behind the scenes content to twitter, so if you're interested, you can follow me there.

Be cool to each other an have a great christmas everyone!

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Joke's on us: Santa sure cancelled this Christmas.

I really hate how true this is.
Also pretty good animation.

Very enjoyable- needs to be watched a few times to do it justice.

This aged like wine .

You know, World War 3 nearly did actually happen.

If it had actually started in early 2020 like James said, this video would have been a prophecy.

I hope America figures itself out. Hate how relevant this stuff is.

By the way James, thrilling animation. I saw this on YouTube originally but it remains a personal favorite of mine. You are a true master of the Dark Arts.