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A Merry Lockmas

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Ho ho ho, 'tis the season of joy!

Welcome everybody to the Lock Legion's CHRISTMAS COLLAB 2017: A Merry Lockmas!

Parts in order:
1. RSS Lock
2. Gem Lock
3. Chokolate Lock
4. Oblivion Lock
5. Wine Lock
6. BB10 Clock
7. Memphis Lock
8. ZTEAGH Lock
9. Stickblue Lock

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful holiday season!

Intro by Wine Lock
Credits by Chokolate Lock

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4 Months later and I just consider this to be the best thing I helped with

Powerful, moving and thought provoking; this flash will truly go down in the annals of history.

I'm in it therefore it is good

In my opinion, the whole collab was kinda eh; nothing in it really caught my interest (except for that one 3D entry, even if the animation itself wasn’t all that good), and the animation quality was mixed between the different entries, so yeah.

BTW, I drew the detailed poster in Nano’s entry, if you’re wondering lol