Feed Gets Fed - Animation Collaboration

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For a 4K version, please support my Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/feed-gets-fed-4k-15689633

"Feed is working on his Chrysalis POV animation. When all of a sudden, Mixie the dragoness grabbed him for a quick snack. But feed can't abide being supper and will escape from being digested."

My collaboration with Rookiex http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rookiex

Voice Acting by Nilla-Creme http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nilla-creme/

Sound design by Kiki Hakeru https://www.furaffinity.net/user/harek/

Music is On The Prowl from Purple-Planet http://www.purple-planet.com/

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Bittersweet but Fitting