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Red Friday

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Author Comments

Disclaimer: this WebGL game has real-time reflections so if your frame rate is suffering, try the downloadable version!

Our official LDJAM.com page for voting ►►https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/$66084

LudumDare #40 game jam submission - made in 72 hours! Martian & Jenni team up for the weekend to make an entertaining adventure game to fit the theme:

"The more you have, the worse it is".

WASD + mouse

**We opted out of the original art category of the jam, in favor of focusing on the quest system & other features.**

Music by Martian, but not made during the jam. :)

The development was streamed Live on Twitch!
►► https://www.twitch.tv/jenninexus

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What did I just play

...i would have loved to try this game, but every browser i tried this on froze and i couldnt play it, oh well...

jenninexus responds:

So sad - the woes of trying to work with WebGL - RIP Unity web player.. The download version runs much better - Thank You for trying anyway!

This could be really fun if you could add more things to do. Also, when listening to the baker (who was definitely "baked"), the background noise was louder than the baker's voice.

jenninexus responds:

Thanks for taking the time to give it a play and rating / commenting :-D With each new customer of the ambience noise gets louder. Thanks for the suggestion! When we get to modify it we'll adjust that so the voice acting can be heard better. Cheers!

?? I would say impressive for only 72 hours, but what am I doing? Is there a purpose to it other than shopping?

Controls could be a little smoother too, I don't think it was the frame rate on my PC, that seemed fine.

jenninexus responds:

Hey thanks for the positive comments & constructive feedback. We weren't sure *what* to do that could fit the theme, but since it was "The more you have, the worse it is", we were thinking about the mass consumerism of shopping malls and it's a play on the Black Friday raids that happen.

Sadly there wasn't enough time to make a well-rounded story to fit our vision, but maybe we'll continue on it because we only got 2 quests in there. (Did you see the big yellow question mark above one of the characters heads?) After you do that quest, he'll send you on your 2nd quest :-D

If they controls weren't smooth enough, and your frame rate seemed fine, there's a chance the default mouse controls were too sensitive - so thanks for the tip ! Martian likes it that way but I'll add it to our list of things we should consider tweaking in a future build.

Thanks for playing!

Strange concept, the lava rising doesn't make any sense, and if you want to preserve frame rate, you can use reflection probes so that the reflections are baked and not calculated in real time.

jenninexus responds:

Thanks for trying it ! The original idea was the weight of the people caused the mall to collapse into the pits of hell. The consumerism combined with greed raised the fires of hell. Haha, but for a 72 hour game jam we hardly had time to get more than 2 quests in there.

We opted to use screenspace reflections so no extra draw calls were needed. It works fine on our gaming laptop but the performance is about 300% better in the PC version as opposed to WebGL, but we really wanted to be able to share our creation here on NG as well since they support & encourage indie games and specifically LudumDare jams. :-)

Credits & Info

2.99 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2017
9:48 PM EST