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Our weird attempt for LudumDare 40.

AWSD - Move
Space - Roll
R - Reaload
E - Interact with the bonfire
Moue - Aim and shoot

The game is not 'finished', but you do what you gotta do, man, cool? A'rite, have fun!

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This was fun

Wow this was a fun game here you have some nice ideas here the top view of the game is nice the sprites and graphics are nice, the action and gameplay of it all is nice and there was some interesting elements that made this game fun so nice job here

no changes it was a fun game.


just stumble across this game got to say not a bad time killer. Im a fan of this type of game so i might be a bias in saying that but Im having a grand old time going around killing these veggies. Excellent work done on this

Really outstanding sense of style, extremely tight controls, epic game jam game all around. So simple and so well done. Love it.

I am starting to really dislike these game jams. What they appear to do is make game makers with obvious potential who could create good games to work hard a few days with little sleep to make a half-assed short, often even unfinished games. Then they are exhausted and take a rest and never finish their game in 95% of cases. Until the next game jam when cycle continues. As a result players receive a lot of sloppy unfinished games, instead of fewer but longer and more polished gems and average quality of submissions drop.

Cool game and graphics.
May be an arrows option instead of AWSD ? (it's so cruel not to can play with my AZERTY...)