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A Samurai Story

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The local police in a small Japanese village are called out when a violent samurai disturbs the peace.

If you are interested in the "behind the scenes" you can take a look at our instagram.


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Seriously, if I don't hear about you on the news in the next few years, I'll not only be disappointed, but surprised. Please don't stop this passion. You have so much beautiful talent. All of you rock!

Twin-Tales responds:

Haha, thanks alot! <3

This twist xD

Twin-Tales responds:

Don't bring a sword to a gunfight!


How could i exit without leaving a review?! This is just so well done! I mean every movement even the tiniest expression was epic! I especially love the eyebrow raise of the chief and the bloodwork, goddamn im in awe. Also, its an awesome combo of samurai jack and kill bill mashed into one :D

Twin-Tales responds:

Thank you SammFoxx! That means alot!

Reminds me Samurai Jack, in Dark Side.