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Contradiction is an retro-style action indie-game.
It is completely free, with no hidden fees.
The gameplay is targeted for experienced players.

Game will run best on a computer, touch device support is currently only experimental.

Update 1.0.7 - Better audio compression for web version, smaller file size. Small fixes to intro menu.

Update 1.0.6 - W A S D + UI / JK- Keyboard controls added.

Update 1.0.5 - Small adjustments to game, mostly visual. Small adjustment to jumping, as some the jumping felt a bit stiff for some players.

Update 1.0.4 - Small bug fix (Touch controls)

Update 1.0.3 - Touch Controls (experimental).
Game will enable on screen touch controls by touching the game screen
any time. If no touch input is given for a while on screen controls will

To pause the game with touch control, touch the top hud bar (the bar with lives, health and score).

I am aware that the game can be sluggish on a mobile device and i am focusing on optimizing the game for mobile use.

GamesByMichi email:

Download the 1.0.7 version of the game for 64bit Windows:


Music by:
Nuutti Hannula
Instagram: babanubabamusic

Soundtrack link:


Game story:
"It is year 1920, the first mechanical A.I. has been unleashed by evil Dr Hiroshita in a plot to conquer the world.

Thus commando Billy Lancer of the Contradiction unit (An allied elite group of querilla soldiers), is sent to take down Dr Hiroshita and all the bionic horrors."


Arrows / WASD = move / aim
Z , U or K = shoot
X , I or J= jump
enter / esc = pause menu
m = mute audio

Gamepad (Xbox360 controller support, other controllers may work aswell)

Menu button = pause menu
D-Pad / left analog = move / aim

A/X buttons = shoot
B/Y buttons = jump

OR (change with keyboard L-key)

X/Y buttons = shoot
A/B buttons = jump



Gameplay trailer:


I am currently working on a new game, you can keep track at my Facebook page or youtube!




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This game was definitely influenced by the original NES video games. The graphics really give you that retro old school feeling. Including the keyboard and game controller options is always the best way to go. If you find a power up that you like, there should be a way to keep it. If you die, you have almost no chance to get your stuff back. You should fix that.

Really good game, I love the retro feel to it. I love the art style and music. I can't stop thinking of the NES Contra while playing this. The difficulty is usually perfect. But there are some flaws for me.

- Sometimes the games alignment and placements are awkward. Like there are spots where an enemy is above you and you are on a slightly lower platform. But you are too low where you can't hit that enemy while standing, but you are high enough that the enemy shoots a straight shot and it hits you in the head (like on the beginning of the level 5) forcing you to jump and perfectly time your shots unless you got the flamethrower or an explosive weapon.

- The shotgun is alright, but with it only shooting 3 far spread out bullets with a pretty slow fire rate, It is a really situational weapon. I know it shouldn't be an OP Contra shotgun, but maybe 1 buff of an increased rate of fire, extra pellets shot (4-6 total), or bigger bullets for a bigger hitbox could make the shotgun more useful (maybe my suggestion at the bottom could implement these upgrades).

- It sometimes is annoying when an enemy that was killed respawns instantly if it's spawn-point was barely off-screened completely. Maybe require it to be a bit more off-screen before it can re-spawn.

- When you die and drop your weapon upgrade. It is impossible to get it back on time because it despawns in about 3-5 seconds. But since enemies and boxes re-spawn, you got to get through those before you can reach your already despawned upgrade.

- In the final boss room, the moving rail platforms near the spring platforms are really janky to jump onto, you need to be at the very peak of your jump, otherwise you will start getting on the platform, but fall right through it. This makes it easy to take a lot of damage when the level 5 robot boss corners you.

- The robot boss is TOO unpredictable. I have absolutely no idea what he will do next. I do want some unpredictability, but sometimes i always am nervous if he will jump ahead of me even when he is not far behind me, so it always lands a hit on me.

But still great game, I love it. It is not easy making a great run and gun game like you did. I hope my review helps you with your game.

Also I think a cool idea to maybe implement is a mini upgrade system to weapons (if you played the arcade version of Super Contra you will know what I mean), where if you pick up a weapon that is the same one you have equipped, it gives a small upgrade. Like increasing the fire rate some, increasing bullet travel distance and speed, increase bullet count limit (increased pellets for shotty, extra bullets for burst, longer laser, and bigger explosion for explosives), or even wall penetration for some (or bigger hitboxes if they already penetrate walls).

It's pretty nice and all but my screen doesn't lets me play as i want for some reason but, good job i guess ;)

GamesByMichi responds:

Hope you get it working! The touch screen input is flawed for sure.

Pretty well done. Nailed the retro feel with the modern smoothness and flow. It reminds me of Contra with its difficulty and the intro with the shored ship is basically Metal Slug.

I'll have to agree with ryogo here with the lack of variety. It just feels bland after a couple stages.

Graphics-wise, one of the most well-done I've seen. The CRT TV look is cool, but it was more asethically appealing than actually adding anything to the game. It might just be me, but I did not like playing the game with the CRT TV "bulge" to the screen.
Having an option to turn these graphics settings on/off would be great.

Overall, pretty fantastic job. You've put a lot of effort into it and I can see it.

Just beat the game, here's my thoughts!

- I think the levels lacked variety and were dragging on for too long. By stage 4, I was hoping that the game would end sooner than later.

- All levels felt the same (other than the graphics) with mostly the same enemies and moving/ bouncing platforms. The color palette often made it difficult to distinguish the background from the platforms and the enemies / bullets.

- I think it would be better if it was possible to shoot faster when quickly tapping the button rather than being stuck with the slow rate of fire, especially with the default weapon.

- The plane sequence at the end was totally unexpected and pretty cool, even though the controls felt a bit awkward.

- The music was buggy in stage 4 and 5, constantly cutting off every 10 seconds or so.

- In conclusion, I thought it was a really cool game and had a pretty fun time with it, but it could have been better with more variety and better graphics. It reminded me more of Contra Force than Contra.

GamesByMichi responds:

Thank you for the review, i try to add variety as i update the game. The music can have issues with certain browsers but i have not experienced the kind you explained, wich browser were you using? I try to see what can be done. I also try to tweak the shooting speed a bit for the next version. It took me 4 years to coomplete making this game, as i did it alone, but it is no excuse for lack of variety. :)

Best way for me to make it better is to get honest reviews like this, so thank you very much sir.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2017
4:28 AM EST