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Aircraft Ballista

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Author Comments

Beta contains no sounds yet.

The beta of Aircraft Ballista is here!

Try this new game for the first time ever!
In this beta we included the first level, 4 aircraft vehicles and the highscore system.
In the upcoming weeks we will be working on the stuff we are planning to add.

Snippet of whats to come:
-More vehicles
-More Levels

Feel free to feedback and share your ideas, we would love to take those into consideration!
Got any suggestions for cool vehicles? Let us know!

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A good handful of glitches that make this a ten-minute game at most.

1) You can technically select any aircraft from the beginning of the game, even with $0. Simply by clicking multiple times on the plane you want to fly in the aircraft / level select area, you can simply play as that aircraft without buying it. (Using the rocket fuselage and drawing back until your mouse is just above the back of the arrow, you should just launch to the skyscrapers and cause a cascade effect that will net you $4-5MIL with a good collision after each launch.)

2) There's a way (very rare, but it did happen to me once) to glitch into the side of the nuclear plant smokestacks, allowing you to get points almost infinitely until you decide to quit. I managed to get more than $20MIL this way at a rate of about $1M per minute.

3) With the last aircraft, it's possible to perch yourself onto one of the skyscrapers in such a way that it thinks you're still flying, disabling the reset button. It's as rare as the smokestack glitch above, but it's annoying when it does happen.

4) No auto-save means that if you need to reset the game for any reason, all of your progress is reset... not that it matters, though, as explained above.

...so yeah, I can't really justify giving it a score higher than this. Typing this review took as much time as it did to find the glitches I mentioned.

Re-spawning takes a bit more time than it really should in all honesty.

Trying to fire my plane is more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be, the lives concept thing is pretty silly for a game like this and it's overall not doing well to keep the attention of the player.

The countdown after death needs to be automatic.

Glitch: the icon to exit the level doesn't appear if you're off-screen.

There game needs a bit more in the 'how to play' stage, there's no mention of how to exit a level.

The number in both the start-count and (especially!) the end-count need to be bigger, and more obvious. If the plane is crashed low on the screen, the count isn't visible.

right now, it's a loooooong slog to buy those advanced planes...and really minimal reward for doing so. If this were a finished game the star rating would have been much less.

There's potential here, good luck polishing it.

Way too long of a cooldown before retrying. Please make it so that you have to wait like 2 seconds or something.

@bullethead1 this is a beta game why expect amazing graphic changes with upgrades? @gamerintraining if you simply click the X<plane> when you die it takes 3 seconds to reset.

not a bad catapult game for a beta :)

Credits & Info

2.29 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2017
3:55 PM EST