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PicNic Panic

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Author Comments

PicNic Panic is an endless runner where you need to avoid obstacles. Don't lose speed or Bobo will catch you!

The game is currently under development and we would love to get your feedback. We'll try to fix and add new features so the game will be something fun to play. We've already collected a lot of information from the comments of the game, thanks to all the players that took the time to comment PicNic Panic

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Nice graphics, but lots of aspects clearly ripped from other games. Art style and gameplay from Zombie tsunami, Coin system from Zombie tsunami and Jetpack joyride - the "COINS" shape is directly from Jetpack Joyride.

fun game, my only problem is that sometimes start to get so much things appearing that i think it may be impossible sometimes, but overall good game, wsh there was a leaderboard

Very good proposal + Awesome graphics and good music,Great game

it is very good game but i miss coin upgrade shopping to ultimate game ended with revenge with shotgun to killed crazy bear to bring peace

Rodlaiz responds:

Dully noted, We'll see what can we do about it. Thanks for the feedback.

Please write down in the Author Comment that you desire feedback on your game.

The start area and the (random generated) running area dont go fluidly into each other (at meter 40)

I kinda missed the part where in the intro it is explained that you can jump and double jump, and if the Coin-bar is not-empty you can float. (see progress at the bottom). Maybe give a new hint at this at certain distances?

It seems random when the bear speeds up. Maybe an indication arrow of the bears relative speed or something would be nice. (upgrades: Speedup!, Burst of speed, Slowing Down, Offscreen, Ate Human, and Ultima upgrade: Distance from Killzone! (I'd recon a circle around Ultima, which unlocks when all are bought, would be nicest))

Please "introduce" walkable tree benches, so that I know HOW to jump (upgradables: Viewrange 1 (green horizontal line on right games edge) Viewrange 2, Size of brench (Like a number next to a green horizontal line), maybe More Terrain (within the window: so the runner and bear shrink and fits 2 trees horizontally in stead of one)

How do I know where to go for coins?! Maybe like the tree upgrades, or a compas-like arrow pointing at the next coin area.

My highscore/gameplay progress:
before 200-300: seems impossible to die (which is rather long gameplay before 'anything' happens)
890 short(click), long (hold), double jumping!
1036-run where I learned to float
1378-run I figured I could jump on other humans to "pop" them, so that the bear didnt get to eat them and debree in my way.
1450 meters Oeh those drums make you jump high!
Then I got bored of the game.

(Played without audio due to broken audio in my pc)

Good Luck with updates!

Rodlaiz responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I've already changed the Author Comment a bit explaining that the game is in development and feedback is more than welcome. We're currently filling a Trello board with all the comments, suggestions and critics we've received for the game.
The Bear speed is not random, he'll catch up with the player if you hit an obstacle, something that we did is that we didn't slow down the player if you're too close to the bear, maybe that's a little bit confusing but we've tried to be less hard on the player with that feature.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2017
12:59 PM EST