Xmas Anxiety

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Game made in a week.

WASD = Movement
Spacebar = Interact

Programmer & Design: ninjamuffin99
Artist & Design: aninvisiblepirate
PA Voice & Nice Fella: Saminat

Made using HaxeFlixel, and Tiled

You can check the source code on Github(MIT License): https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/XmasAnxiety

SFX Creds:
Walmart Ambience from Gus Johnson's Walmart Turnup: https://youtu.be/Uqpd9Ff9SpQ

Wish Background Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Shoutout to the HaxeFlixel discord server for help and stuff

and gib me money so I can support NG: http://ko-fi.com/ninjamuffin

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I don't really know how to review this kind of game but uh, you made me not rage when I died with those good selection of music...

Assets are nice (one of the sprites looks like Professor Snape so that's an added bonus) but the gameplay I find odd. There are a couple of z-axis mistakes here and there which can be easily fixed by having critters have lower z-axis while they are higher on the y. I'm overlooking that.

There is one thing I'm not willing to overlook though. The gameplay forces a Shop-Hide-Shop mechanic which is cool enough since you even provided hiding spots (dressing rooms) for the character to recuperate and get that meter down; however I'm assuming you're comparing sprite proximity when determining if the panic meter increases right? This now causes a gameplay problem where, even if the view of critters to dressing rooms are obscured, you're still taking damage. I think switching to a line-of-sight behavior for all critters fixes this but considering the amount of critters currently on screen, I would propose to turn on that behavior only when critters are visible in the screen.

Also I don't know if I've checked an item off the box; I'm interacting with all the random coins hoping to get those items.

The game is a very new and interesting concept. However, it needs some improvements to become even better.

-The character moves much too slow and can't run in a desperate situation. Perhaps a sprint button?
-You should be able to wash your face in the bathroom and hide in the bathroom stall to help calm the anxiety faster.
-The crowds should lessen a bit more over time like in a real life store.

Otherwise, great work!

Good job at drawing a lot of different people and the detailed supermarket shelves. The look is the best thing about this game.

Gameplay was medium fun and the plot was very uninspiring, who really dies from shopping around many people.
The main guy looks like an escaped convict with his striped shirt. Maybe that is the real reason he needs to avoid people - to not be recognized. Could have made a better plot.

Things to improve:
The list of things to buy is invisible against black surfaces like walls. And it is not clear how many items of each kind you have to buy.

Unrelated to score, but strange to see a Xmas themed game in Halloween.

This was fun!
I really like the idea of stealth in the way you put it where you aren't avoiding specific lines of sight but generally being around people, it's super creative!
The fact you can redeem yourself also gave it more juice cause you can on one hand not lose the game at the end because you didn't know what to do at the start but it costs you time if you just want to sit around and regenerate your health.

Great stuff!

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2017
1:27 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid