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The Interior Decorating Song 2

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The long awaited sequel to the Interior Decorating song is here! And it only took us a year and a half. There are A LOT of people to thank for this disasterpiece, starting with …
Blaine Selkirk
The mad maestro behind the original tune and this new one! Check him out on Fiverr, he’s the best there is!
Courtney Mills
A wonderful voice actress, singer and cosplayer. She provided the ghostly voices of Princess Bubblegum and Buttercup (deceased)

Devon Chenoweth
A good friend who I was connected to via Random Encounters. He graciously created the grotesque halls of Gruntingrad manor. Check him out here:
and finally
Gage Goodell
Via Newgrounds (if YT continues to go down the crapper I’ll be doing a full migration there) an awesome animator and was kind enough to animate the ghost models I drew up!

And of course I built the puppets and everything else in this video
I’m very proud of this one and I hope everyone who asked for this enjoys their stay…fat chance!
Check out my NG page by the way. Since Youtube is EVIL I’m using NG more.

GRUNT (Sung):
Interior, interior, dec-or-a-ting
adorning my home is quite captivating
I’m proud of my work because each furnishing
is made from cartoons I found irritating!
As you enter my home, you’ll notice good sir…
Some familiar faces…a least they ONCE were!
Spongebob and Patrick to give an example:
Their heads now hang proudly over my mantle…

Angelica pickles…was pickled inside,
of an old pickle jar full of formaldehyde!
But Let us go now, for there is more to see
It’s far greater than anything…you’ll see on TV! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Step Over here to my grand dining hall
The table and chairs are from Gravity Falls…
Not bought from the place. The chairs and the table,
Are literally made out of Dipper and Mabel…
Adorning the wall, you’ll see countless toons
the butts of the ponies, the head of sailor moon…
But let us continue, we’ve only begun…
For A dictator’s work… is never done!
Ah the Grand Ballroom, oh it’s superb
Each chandelier’s crafted from Phinias and Ferb!
I despise dancing…without a single doubt…
But haunted ballrooms tend to freak people out.
Interior, interior, dec-or-a-ting
adorning his home is quite captivating
he’s proud of his work because each furnishing
is made from cartoons he found irritating!
He slaughtered us all without a care
and mangled us into fine tables and chairs!
Now our souls are trapped here for eternity,
In this miserable, nightmarish purgatory.
As we walk down the hallway, you’ll notice my friend,
Paintings of toons that faced a nasty end.
I keep their demise as a fond memory,
Since now that their dead, that’s ALL they will be…
We end in my study, on this miserable eve
And I’m afraid that I cannot dare let you leave.
Unfortunately now that you’ve seen what I do
I’ll ensure that no one hears a peep out of you…
…So I’m afraid that this tour is the last thing you’ll see…
…In this life at least…which does remind me…
…the thing with cartoons who annoy me the most…
…Is I find that they’re far less annoying as ghosts!

When they’re poss-ess-ing, my home dec-or-at-ing!
Adorning his house,
Trapped like a mouse ,
Adorning his house…for eternity!

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Amazing! I watched the whole thing. Great collab :-D

Finally, a use for ponies!

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3.33 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2017
7:35 PM EDT
Music Video