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Ok, ok, I know I've been sitting on my butt forever. New stuff coming soon...I swear. Um...I'm trying.


Saw Title, Ready to Blam. Saw vid, I said "damn"

Can't wait for this... and another prime example on why never to judge a flash by its title alone.

When's episode 1 going to begin???!!!

When is it?

LOL!!!!! Good try, keep it up!!!!

I can give you some wrestling tunes if you need any. PM me on here and I'll see what I can do.

By the way, The Hardys' theme for the Mario Bros.? GENIUS, I'M A HARDY FAN!!! But Edge's 2002-2004 theme (Never Gonna Stop) for Yoshi? WTF? Though Rob Zombie rules... I just don't get it, that, Hurricane's theme for Toad and DX for Samus?

Oh and "The Beautiful People" for the others..... FUCKING GENIUS!!!!! MANSON RULES!!!!! *sings The Beautiful People* "Hey you, what do you see... something beautiful, something free... hey you, are you tryin' to be mean... when you live with apes, man, it's hard to be clean........"

Dude, take it from me,

i've seen a lot of wrestling flash series, but WWEs1fan can't wait to see this one.

Its good but i have a idea!

Tails has Linda mchans music i can provide it for you! Respond if you do

Good idea and knukles shoukled be Mark Henrys music and i can provide songs fo you.

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Nov 21, 2002
1:58 AM EST
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