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Robin Vs The Emerald Force

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disclaimer: Before anyone mentions, yes, this is from the third robin quest porn game, I don't need permission from azrealfreeman to post it, because he and I are the same person, just two different accounts for two different people.

That said, the test was successful, and the original draft of this cartoon received a warm up reception to justify combining both halves of the Emerald Force Boss Fight
If you've never played the game its from, just enjoy the little fight animation I made by its own merits :)

thank you for watching

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Even if the characters aren't all that smoothly drawn, the motions themselves are pretty good! Plotline is easy to follow too, and the alternate was a fun twist. :) Wish it wouldn't have ended before they woke up though, would've liked to see what they looked like/how they reacted then. Think it would've been even more effectual. Keep it going!