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Dukker Tournament

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Start by registering for a QUALIFYING Tournament. You must create 4 custom characters. The AI will control them and they will battle each other until a champion emerges. The champion will be saved and this will unlock RANK 5 Tournaments. If you want to create new characters you must replay the QUALIFYING Tournament. If a character wins a tournament his rank will improve and he will no longer be able to compete in the previous tournament.

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not great but okay.

Game gets a bit dull fairly quickly - also played for ages and then received no medals!

I'll be honest, I found this game to be pretty boring. I mean, literally all you're doing is making a few characters and having them fight each other, with you having literally no influence in the fight with the exception of deciding how their stats are altered when they level up. The ONLY reason I didn't quit after a couple rounds is the sheer number of medals it has.

JeffAzure responds:

yup, the actual fights are luck-based rather than skill-based. I like creating characters and watching them fight though. I think some more move variety would make them more entertaining. letting the player set up the ai somehow would give them more control. and adding more activities in between fights would make the game more stimulating. I'm looking into different things to add in the sequel to make it more enjoyable.

Man, i would like that you make me move for my own cause watching a battle is really annoying for a game of this genre

JeffAzure responds:

It is currently categorized under Simulation - Other. It's an AI Controlled Tournament Simulation game with character creation and leveling. Not everyone likes this kind of game. You don't have to play it if you don't want to. I made it because I enjoy games like this.

Also I didn't put an entry fee on the tournaments because I didn't think of it at the time. But from a fictional world perspective you aren't really playing as a participant in the tournaments. You are setting up the tournaments and watching the participants fight each other. You earn money each tournament no matter who wins or loses.

In Dukker Tournament 2 you will be playing as a participant though. I want to keep the battles ai controlled because it is something I like. Instead the gameplay will revolve around everything you do to manage your tournament career. Training, working if you can't afford the entry fee, earning money from tournaments, shopping, training new participants when you retire, etc.

Also if you are having trouble winning tournaments in Dukker Tournament 1 you could try few qualifying tournaments to register more fighters for the official tournaments and get them to fight each other until you unlock rank 1 tournaments. If you have rank 1 tournaments unlocked just do a few of those. It doesn't matter who wins you will earn money. You can spend the money to boost the attributes of the fighters you want to make win the tournaments. Boosting health randomly lowers defense between 0 and 1. Boosting defense randomly lowers attack between 0 and 1. Boosting attack randomly lowers health between 0 and 6. So boosting stats evenly will probably raise them more than decrease them.

Amazing game 10/10 ultimate grind to one punch man!

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2.70 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2017
1:46 AM EDT