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Stars Ace 5 Points

Win a game using no more than 5 guesses

Stars Deuce 5 Points

Win 2 games in a row using no more than 9 guesses total

Stars Hat Trick 5 Points

Win 3 games in a row using no more than 14 guesses total

Me Me Big Star 10 Points

Win a game using no more than 3 guesses!

Author Comments

Strategy and luck collide in the classic guessing game Stars. Dawn-of-the-computer-era game-play and hand-rendered doodles guarantee minutes of guessing pleasure.

Guess the secret number and Scribbly Sun will tell you how close you are by farting stars. No stars mean you're far away and six stars mean you're reeeeeeally close.

There's also scoreboards and shiny, shiny medals for hardcore guessers... Go GIT 'em!


Constructive criticism is welcome!

Update 2017-10-11 : Warn users without a valid session that they need to login for scores and medals. External logging.


Very interesting, got it right on my first try the second time playing. Psst, it was 37. Awesome.

Fun simple game, but "Stars Deuce" and "Stars Hat Trick" aren't working.

Not so interesting idea, but i enjoyed it. I like faces of sun.
P.S. LOL, but i get all medals in first 3 guesses.(Score 6, 3, 5).

Me and my boyfriend Erik had a blast playing it. Really charming little game, full of enchantment and mystery.

0 stars = 64+ numbers away
1 star = 32-63 away
2 stars = 16-31 away
3 stars = 8-15 away
4 stars = 4-7 away
5 stars = 2-3 away
6 stars = 1 away

If I made a guess and started with 1 star, I would know I was 16-32 away for that star but the maximum distance away for all latter stars. So the closest I could be away is 47 ((16 + 1(16+8+4+2+1)) either up or down starting from 50, or farthest away being 63((32+1(16+8+4+2+1))
This means if you pick 50 you can never be 0 stars away.

This also means that if you pick 33 and you get 1 star, the number will always be larger or be 1. So then you add 32 to make your second guess of 65 if you get 2 stars then add 16 to your guess, and 0 stars means its 1. This is the minimum range so your number will still be larger no matter what. Then depending on the stars you get, you'd guess 16 higher for 2 stars, 8 higher for 3, 4 higher for 4, 2 higher for 5, and one higher for 1. Using this pattern you never need to guess down. If you guess 33 and you get something other than 1 star in the beginning, add the minimum range first. If you get farther away going up, that means your number is smaller, if you get closer, follow the method like normal. If you get lesser stars, follow the method but downwards from the original guessing point. Using this method it's impossible to use more than 6 guesses. That means with average luck, you will average 4-5 per game, making all medals extremely easy to obtain.

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sproggie responds:

Very good! It's so awesome you worked that out!

To keep Stars interesting, I updated it to use a variable star calculation. The calculation is fixed within a game session so you can deduce precisely what the number of stars mean by playing enough games in a row, but it will be different for each player.

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3.08 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2017
11:20 AM EDT
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