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Ass Brutalewd 2: Buck Naked

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Brutalewd is helpless and alone in Discord's maze, and that can mean only one thing: Ravishment! Except... Discord has other ideas. Will they turn out how he expects?

(Original release date: November 23, 2014.)

The expected followup to this episode has not yet been made. However, there are many more adventures to be had on "Ass Brutalewd", here: http://ass-brutalewd.tumblr.com

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When snow flakes wanna censored a show about talkin pony

I wonder what would happen after she gets affected by poison joke...

This tastes like Andrew Kepple... AKA TMST AKA CyberSp0nge, AKA NSFW, nice to see one of my favorite animators back in action *cough* looking at you harry partridge *cough* looking at you Zureal *cough* looking at you Oney *cough*

I think that this is okay as far as animation goes, but the comedy remind's me too much of Ren and Stimpy. I get way too many Ren and Stimpy vibes off of this. Everything down to the music, the opening and expressions. Over all I guess if you're a MLP fan this would funny, but It's lacking originality.

Needs character developement

BrutaMod responds:

I apologize if the title for this video raised your expectations to overly-lofty heights.