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The Wish - Coin

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HI All,

This is a new series focusing on the epic card game Magic the Gathering. THE WISH -Coin episode 5. Going back to the past learning the secrets of the coins. If you like to catch-up on previous episodes:


BIG special thanks to the team listed below or this wouldn't of been possible:

Wondermeow: http://wondermeow.newgrounds.com/

narob98 - http://narob98.newgrounds.com/

Troisnyx - http://troisnyx.newgrounds.com/

Voice actors:
chrisrosewood: http://chrisrosewood.newgrounds.com/
NintiChance: http://nintichance.newgrounds.com/

Stay tune to the next episode of THE WISH episode 6.

Kind regards,


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well not bad i liked the story oh and the voice acting really nice touch where did you get the inspiration :O

Wondermeow responds:

Thank you for your feedback, played a lot of fantasy games back in my hay day and have a general passion for Magic the gathering. Big thanks to the team helping me make this possible, cheers.

Kind regards,


What is your deepest wish? Do you want to surrender your true beliefs for false world views? Have you ever sought truth? What is truth? What does the mind show, illusions or wishful beliefes?

Wondermeow responds:

Thanks for your feedback