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What censor beeps? You guys are craaazyyy.
(*backs out of room slowly laughing nervously)


This was intended to be a personal project to motivate myself to start animating again and ended up taking way too long to make, mostly because of my work schedule, but also because I took some stupid "shortcuts" that only really cost me more time an sanity, but in the end, I was more proud of it than I thought it would be.


I hope you enjoy this lil short cartoon about Millennials, even though it took my so long that they aren't really even a popular joke anymore.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/GDKADgE8DTk

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It's pretty good, but the "fuck millennials" thing is played out as fuck, so I docked a star.
- Also, I think bleeps are fine.

... as a GEN Y'er, YAAAAS.

THIS. SO MUCH YES. DEAR GOD They're going to be running the country. While I'm aging.


disclaimer: not to say that ALL millennials are like this- just the... special ones.

Honestly, I just really wanted to rate a video with 3 stars. Keep up the great work.

Ha this as a great little satire. My bf and I just had to deal with somebody like that car sales woman a couple of days ago, so I can assure you it's still relevant and funny. "I just wanna order my grubhub" loool Well done.

5* purely for the fact that I see this in people every single day. bla bla bla politics etc etc etc stop spending so much on junk that does nothing.