Stick Fighter RPG

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After a shipwreck, you wash up on shore in an unfamiliar land.
This land has been ravaged by war and is unforgiving even to the strongest.
With survival being so hard, you must battle for everything you get.

IMPORTANT: The game box may stay blank for a few minutes, but should load on its own.


This is pretty good man I mean the game is easy to understand and I liked the armors and weapons in this game. I also like how having different weapons changes yours characters stance and movement speed all in all pretty nice simple wish you could save to google drive because I use my school chromebook any way I think it would be cool if you added a chest piece armor the would be sick.

Hope you keep making more cool games.

It's a cool game, but hard without the 2 hand weapons.


I've played only the tutorial and 3 single days so far.
What makes me not keep playing are the controls.
I have an european keyboard where the z and the y keys are switched, so to alter between attacking, dodging and using the finishing move, I have to stretch my left hand to an uncomfortable position over my keyboard. Sadly I didn't find any way to rebind the keys in the menu, which is a common thing in many games. If you could implement that in the next update, I might pick up my journey again. Until then I'd rather not stretch my hand like that. I prefer using a & d anyway, so that would work too, then.

However, the graphics, music, athmosphere and comat are good, so this ain't a bad review here

Good game for people who like grinding, and fighting games. The the only problem I've come across is the arsenal. The candle won't go away for some of the armors, and I unlocked a shield twice, but all it shows in the 'Off hand' section is a dim candle and no new shield

ExtinctionGames responds:

I'm glad your liking it.
The problem you have encountered is probably that you have unlocked a new dual wield off hand weapon. The off hand menu changes to the DW version when you have a DW weapon equipped which will allow you to see the new weapon or shield. Or if you are using DW then you may need to switch to 1h to have a look. I probably could have made this more simple but it is done now.

Awesome,but a bit glitchy

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3.68 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2017
7:57 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS