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Stick Fighter RPG

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Author Comments

After a shipwreck, you wash up on shore in an unfamiliar land.
This land has been ravaged by war and is unforgiving even to the strongest.
With survival being so hard, you must battle for everything you get.

IMPORTANT: The game box may stay blank for a few minutes, but should load on its own.

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one of my shilds I unlocked wont show up when I look in the off hand section but other then that amazing details

Awesome game. The music is cool, the background and character design is pretty versatile, the controls are simple, but it's pretty repetitive and unlocking characters, weapons, colors, new areas, all that stuff, is unclear with the progress which is a bummer since if we could see the progress, it probably wouldn't be so redundant as the player would be excited to unlock new stuff since they'd know when they'd unlock them.

I enjoy this game plentifully. I've been playing it since September of 2017, and up until very recently, haven't encountered any bugs.
However, today, I discovered one. When you swing with the two-handed weapon as you are dying, you can apparently cause the game to run a feedback loop of every animation for the two-handed swordsman. I have no idea if this is a repeatable glitch or not, if it can be found on other versions of weapons, but I just thought I'd let you know, in case you update this game (which I hope you do, but do not expect) because I love it, and would love to see more from it whenever possible.

Love this game, great animation. Easily my favorite game on Newgrounds.

Pretty good