Stick Fighter RPG

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After a shipwreck, you wash up on shore in an unfamiliar land.
This land has been ravaged by war and is unforgiving even to the strongest.
With survival being so hard, you must battle for everything you get.

IMPORTANT: The game box may stay blank for a few minutes, but should load on its own.


Online Mode Plz?

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Excellent. the only problem is the sticky keys which can be turned off in the accessibility icon in the window 10's settings! But I do thing shadow is too powerful

After long work I finally manged to get all of the characters.

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vary good game, only one problem, STICKY KEYS. other than that this game is amazing

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I have to say, this is incredibly well done! From the art to the actual gameplay, its quite fun!

*Pros: Well thought out, yet simple fighting mechanics. Simple main attack, guard break, a finisher, and the dash*.
Requiring very little of the keyboard but movement and combat. (Personal Thing, I hate when games make you use the entire keyboard.)

*Controls are easy to get used to and hard to master. Love it.

*Game feels slow, and I know it's not any sort of frame-rate issue, it takes a (relatively) long time to get from A to B sometimes. (Recolouring your character and then going straight to the door takes 5 seconds.)
*Attacks (from both player and opponent) feel kinda slow. Like trying to move your arm as fast as you can through water.
*If the player is inside the enemy, the enemy can land hits, but the player can't.

Art Style: I always wondered how something so simplistic as a stick figure could be on such a detailed background, but you did it. Kudos to you! You also managed to really pull off the bleak setting of this world, just like what the intro said, it really does feel like a desolate, hateful land. 5/5

Music: Depressing as shit. Fits good, love it.

RPG System: Love the Lite RPG elements, health, stamina, strength. While they feel passive, they play a great role in the game. Don't understand weapon upgrading, since strength is already there. Love the multiple weapon choice though. I think the swords shoulda just remained cosmetic.

All in All 4 Stars. Woulda gave it a 5, but the gameplays overall sluggishness kinda brings it down.
I 100% Recommend this to friends though! Keep up the good work!

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3.66 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2017
7:57 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS