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Man-go Episode 1: The Orange-in Story

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Man-go, a living mango superhero, must track down a chilling enemy in the first ever installment of the Man-go series!

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Mango 🤣

This is a surprisingly cool cartoon.

I love the concept of a Mango Superhero that talks like Batman.

I really enjoyed the Puns and a few of the funny drawings.

I would like to see a lot more visual humor.

The Attacking Peas had some pretty funny facial expressions.

The coloring can some improvement.

Just picture your environments as 3D.

Imagine where the light is coming from.

This will help you with creating functional shadows for those drawings.

Sometimes shadows can become distracting if used the wrong way.

Think of ways to direct my eyes towards important areas.

You did some really good contrasting colors to attract the eye towards characters.

The Character is way more important than background.

The drawing outline is the usual standard black outline.

Try experimenting with different color combinations to set mood.

You can draw the character outline in a variety of colors.

Experiment with line thickness to make each character pop more.

This new series has a lot of potential for visual appeal.

You can experiment with new drawing styles, techniques and animation styles.

I look forward to the new episodes.

May the new episodes be more successful.

Keep up the good work.