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Meanwhile Desert

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BestScore 1 5 Points

Score 10 points

BestScore 2 5 Points

Score 25 points

BestScore 3 5 Points

Score 50 points

Boss Slayer 1 5 Points

Kill 10 Bosses

Boss Slayer 2 5 Points

Kill 25 Bosses

Boss Slayer 3 5 Points

Kill 50 Bosses

Gold Collector 1 5 Points

Colect 100 coins

Gold Collector 2 5 Points

Colect 250 coins

Gold Collector 3 5 Points

Colect 500 coins

Killer 1 5 Points

Kill 100 mosters

Killer 2 5 Points

Kill 250 monsters

Killer 3 5 Points

Kill 500 monsters

Spell Caster 1 5 Points

Cast 20 spells

Spell Caster 2 5 Points

Cast 50 spells

Spell Caster 3 5 Points

Cast 100 spells

Wave Cleaner 1 5 Points

Clean 5 waves

Wave Cleaner 2 5 Points

Clean 7 waves

Wave Cleaner 3 5 Points

Clean 9 waves

BestScore 4 10 Points

Score 100 points

BestScore 5 10 Points

Score 250 points

Boss Slayer 4 10 Points

Kill 100 Bosses

Gold Collector 4 10 Points

Colect 1000 coins

Gold Collector 5 10 Points

Colect 2000 coins

Killer 4 10 Points

Kill 1000 monsters

Killer 5 10 Points

Kill 2000 monsters

Spell Caster 4 10 Points

Cast 250 spells

Spell Caster 5 10 Points

Cast 500 spells

Wave Cleaner 4 10 Points

Clean 12 waves

Wave Cleaner 5 10 Points

Clean 15 waves

Boss Nightmare 25 Points

Kill 500 Bosses

Boss Slayer 5 25 Points

Kill 200 Bosses

Grand Master 25 Points

Score 666 points

Killer Master 25 Points

Kill 5000 monsters

X Cleaner 0 Points

Clean 25 waves

Money Maker 50 Points

Colect 5000 coins

Wizard 0 Points

Cast 3000 spells

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Meanwhile Desert
is game which was created for 3 days. Defend your desteny and fight for glory! Just kidding. You have only 1 chance to make this squares suffer. Don’t make mistakes. Collect more money, buy upgrades, and you good to go! I will work on this game if many people will like it. Enjoy :3

Move mouse to rotate the turret
Q, W, E keys for activating spells

Spell and medal icons was maded by game-icons.net

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This is a really good game just wish there was movement and upgrades did more help

In many cases I could not hit those blue cubes, I was aiming well and still not hit, the green cubes are even worse, and all of them by the resistance of it I shot one, the rest is already coming. Maybe when you buy up all the improvements on max then then, I did not last long to this.

If you can, design the second part of this game with better aiming and mechanics

Pretty good but you need to fix the bugs. Spontaneous WebGL exception that randomly appears and breaks the game if it happens. Also Q, W, and E keyboard keys do absolutely nothing at all though clicking one of those three squares at the bottom at least works.

Because of the WebGL exception bug occurring though, it's extreme luck how far one can get in this (because as soon as that happens, start the entire experience over from scratch)

I am with the folks who would really like to play this game more...but not until it is fixed. To start with the more minor issue, the enemy hitboxes are WAY too small, as others have indicated. Now for the major issue: Several times in a row, right after I died, the game froze up with a WebGL error. As if that weren't bad enough, after the third time this happened I decided to restart Chrome, and when I reloaded the game I discovered all my saved progress had been erased. Not good.

Cat-Insomniac-d responds:

Gonna fix in few days. Sorry i'm looking for a real job atm :c

While the game itself isn't bad (that does not mean it's good) the aiming system is a mess. Sometimes you'd think a shot would hit, instead it misses. Even worst, sometimes the shot would pass right throught a square without destroying it. It's unnerving and even the appeal of medals doesn't make me want to play it again.
That aside, I also encountered some bugs: the shop won't open and the game will not "accept" clicks, a bug that de facto freezes the game (I know it's not the browser because everything else works just fine)
Anyway, I believe that you should include more options and improve the aiming system to make the game funnier.

Credits & Info

2.40 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2017
6:09 PM EDT