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The Legend Of Lucky Pie Episode 4 "ALIENS"

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Finally, here is the fourth episode of our cartoon. Thank you for your patience, you will find something interesting after you watch this episode. This is what we hope and look forward to. We have started the fifth episode making. Maybe it is the last episode of this cartoon series if we still not find any invest. If you like this cartoon series and hope to watch more story of Lucky and Pie. Please share it with your friends. More share and more views can help us to have a better chance of securing money for continued making. It took us three years to make four episodes cartoon. Our fate is in your hands, thank you so much!
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This made an impression good job its like adventure time but i think this is better thought out but thats obvious since it's episodes connect overall good job lots of room to improve but thats the fun and satisfying aspect right it can always get better

The quality of this show got even better! Keep up the good work!

Even though it feels like a rip-off of Adventure Time, I do still enjoy it. Especially from an animation stance, I think it's really good. The characters are cool, and it has that cute Studio Ghibli style mixed with modern western cartoons.

This series just got so much more depth.
Hope you're able to continue.

I was going to give it a four or five for the intro before I found out it was a whole episode. Good animation. Good story too.