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This is something that we've always wanted to develop.
It's just an experimental short game, we are aware that a lot of people won't get the idea and probably dislike it and that's fine.

Really surprised of how many people liked this game, who knew. Thanks for giving it a chance.


So Epileptic! :v

I see potential in this game, but it's too short to even have potential.

Good game. A bit short, but good all the same.

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Too short, but a god game in fact.

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I'm disappointed by this game. I could listen to the music all day, and it was a nice touch how it changed as I progressed through the level. The colour scheme and the pixelated graphics are somber and charming at the same time. It was also quite clever to use the other eggs as a sort of tutorial, showing which ground is soft and which is hard, as well as making me feel something from the get-go.

Unfortunately, what ruined the experience for me was actually playing the game. The platforming works fine, and I guess the point is to, sooner or later, break your egg at some point before the final pit lest you fall in and get stuck. My attempts to explore only led to two other inescapable pits. Except for the music eventually ending, there is no in-game indication of a 'fail state' or something like a game over. A better game would perhaps treat getting stuck as its own ending, but here you're just forced to restart as nothing else happens. That could be some deep metaphor, but I can't help but think that that's the case because programming another outcome as a consequence of getting stuck would just be extra work. Also, for some reason I can never get the chick to fly over the final pit. It just will not work under any circumstances. It seems like some people can get their chick to make that jump and flutter across, but it only seems to work every third or fourth jump and I haven't been able to figure out if it's anything other than random. The only reason I know that there's an ending at all is by reading the comments here.

I usually like these sort of somber, thought-provoking platformers, but because of that stupid chick and the broken controls I couldn't get into it. Maybe I just didn't 'get the idea'.

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3.90 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2017
12:05 AM EDT
Adventure - Other