Pain That Binds Us

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A game about a superhero who's losing his powers. Play the game and discover the real reason.

Developed in 72 hours during Ludum Dare 39


A/D: Walk
F: Attack/Action
Space: Jump

Make sure you have your keyboard set to QWERTY


- Code by Felipe Osorio and Diego Tavares
- Art by Suâmi Abdalla-Santos and Philippe Lepletier: http://urucagames.com
- Music and Sound Design by Eduardo Zolhof: https://twitter.com/ezaudiolabs


You can listen to the game's soundtrack separately here: https://ezaudiolabs.bandcamp.com/album/pain-that-binds-us-ost

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my god that was dramatic and sad, at the end I went to go get something to drink with the same face I had after I had finished playing it. It was such an amazing game. Considering I had a loss in my family this made me think. Thank you creator for helping me move on more than I already had.Thank you.

for the first time in my life I was rendered completely speechless. it's not that it made me feel sad, but it didn't make me feel happy either. I was just speechless because I had no words to perfectly portray what I was thinking and feeling, and in some ways I wasn't thinking or feeling. this may not be the best, or even my favorite game, but I can say with certainty that this game will, unlike all others, will stay, not just with me, but as a part of me for the rest of my life. thank you for making this game a part of my life.

a game about 2 man, who get killed for being gay. i think i read a similar story on the news about something that happened in chile some years ago.
i can't say much about this but only one thing, that wind that was slowing me totally got me. i thought it was some kind of a bug lol
nice game.

Amazing game. Great visuals and story.

Don't understand why this was placed on monthly best voting, but also, I don't understand all the hate on the review section.

This game was made in 72 hours, people. Don't expect an open world RPG with multiple endings.

As for the story itself: I'm not a big fan of this "hate haters" message. Gay people never fared so well in all of human history. They have virtually every right heteros have, and also, a few privileges - For example, in Brazil and many other countries, they have specific laws to protect them, and people who commit crimes against a homossexual - even if not linked to his sexuality, e.g. a simple burglary - face heavier charges and penalties.

If anyone asks me, being POOR is the thing to worry about. If you're rich, you can pretty much be anything - That's society in a nutshell.

For a 72h jam game, it's decent, a bit on the good side of it. I know it's short, but pixelated art is good as is music. Timed actions gave something to aim for.

Ending was rather climatic, and I see people can relate to this since many of them suffered at least some bullying for their choices or behaviors.

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2.82 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2017
4:47 PM EDT
Simulation - Other