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Fuse Cell

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When you have nothing to lose, you risk everything.

Fuse Cell was made in 3 days for the Ludum Dare Jam Competition. Rate it at: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/fuse-cell

How to play:

Cursor keys: move. Keeping Z or X pressed slows you down which is handy for hard maneuvers
Z: shoot. Shooting consumes energy
X: Whenever you're low on energy, your ship is equipped with a fusion device. Whenever you're near a flying small enemy, you can attempt to absorb it by pressing X. Holding X and releasing when the Charge meter is right on the small green area, allows you to recharge. 2 consecutive MAX Energy recharges, result in a mega bomb.

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To Warjames1: For being hit, the arms don't count, but the actual hull does.

This game has very good art style and very good game-play and mechanics. I only wish it were longer and getting more complex as it progresses. How about the same mechanic but with different attacks and different types of enemies giving charges for different attacks? Also the charge bar could be bigger - it doesn't have to pop up under the protagonist it could just pop up on lower side of screen and be bigger.

short but nice given time and effort this could become a full game complete with story and everything also an explanation of the health system is needed because i'l get hit by bullets and be just fine then i'l get hit and suddenly die also i love that music

I love the art in the art style ...

This is a very short game, but the recharge is such a great mechanic. Reminds me of Einhänder, one of my favourite games on the original PlayStation. Would love to see more of this, especially if you have any plans to add features like upgrades and such!