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What would you do if you had your son's life in your hands and his death at your feet?
Joshep Razem has just 5 minutes to save Doh, his son, thanks to one of his famous inventions: the Energy Transfersor.

Use "A" and "D" or "right arrow" and "left arrow" to move the character.
Use "left click" to click on labels.

Here it is this game's page on Ludum Dare:https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/dohmiere

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this is great, bro! Except for the poor English. Get an editor- y person on here to look through your stuff and polish up your English, 'k? ;))) looks GREAT! not a fan of time limits though. they make me unwell.

You have a great concept here, I was able to figure out how the game worked after a few tries. As I saw mentioned in another review, the English needs improving, the dialogue between the father and the 911 operator was confusing and did not make sense. I also feel there should be more of a description of what exactly you are clicking to look at or "open". Some of the commands remained available even after the action was performed. Fix the bugs and the English and the game will be much better!

A cute and somber concept for a game, and your art style is pretty good, but the writing is atrocious (and I don't mean because it's clear English isn't your first language, there are typos all over) and there are several game breaking bugs. For example, moving the chair to the left means you have to start over, since it blocks the cactus and you CAN'T move it to the right again.
Overall, mediocre. Not bad, but you really need to start paying attention to details, "Hiperloko" suffered from the same thing.

PokoiART responds:

Yeah you are right. I dont really know how to speak or write on English. In any case, this is just the alpha version done in the Ludum Dare 39 so in that short of time I cant fixed all the bugs, sorry. Im working now on a beta version with better art, better interactions and no bugs. Also im working on improve my english skills...
"Hyperloko" was a uncompleted project that never was ended cause the team broke up. "Dohmiere" is a solo project.
Anyway thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it so much and its so important! Thanks!

Great work, I really liked the art and the concept. A simple game, showing the love of a father. However, I believe the end was a bit too rush. Maybe adding more dramatic pauses or something? I don't know, whatever inspires you. Anyway, keep it up!

PokoiART responds:

Yeah, you're right, its rush... I keep it on mind for future reloads and versions. Thanks for the rate, I really appreciate it. ^^

The art is well done but I've run into what I can only assume is a bug. I started the game in Google Chrome and nothing is clickable except the "look myself", "look", and "open" buttons. Believe me, I've tried clicking everything else on the board. Nothing responds. So I'm stuck at the beginning of the game watching my character's son die for 5 min.

I would rate it higher, but I honestly can't rate a game I can't play.

PokoiART responds:

Hmm did you move on the scene? (movement = A and D or right and left arrow)

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2.89 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2017
2:31 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click