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A short dungeon crawler with a laser gun that can only be used when plugged to a socket.

Made for Ludum Dare 39 in 48 hours.
Theme was "running out of power".
Made with Game Maker Studio

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great job
still this game have bug like the invisible enemy (i dont know if that true or not, but my heart just disappear and i dead)
the story is good but it too short
need upgrades more and more(money too)
really addicting game mechanic for a dungeon game
hope for more update

It's an interesting concept, but it definitely needs a lot of work. My main critique is that the cord is so short that it makes it almost impossible to avoid certain enemies by the time you can plug them in. Also, the ghosts looked oddly like zombies which really bothered me. And I didn't like that they could go through walls. That mechanic should have probably been saved for a more challenging enemy, rather than the first one presented. I also greatly dislike the idea of the areas closing so you can't leave until you defeat all the enemies. Instead, it would be nice if you made it so that the door to an undiscovered area only opens if you clear the room, but the door leading to already-discovered rooms remains open.

A suggestion for how to improve this game later on, is to possibly have upgrades for the laser gun, such as a longer cord or a faster firing rate.

I will admit that I did not play all the way through this. I stopped shortly after getting the first key because I simply found it too frustrating. For a person not a fan of shooter games, but decided to give this a try anyway, I found the difficulty a bit bothersome.

Nice game here

So this was a nice game I like the idea of it and tends to get a bit harder Abit faster then expected it was pretty good though and I had some fun with it would love some more elements that could make this more exciting like bonus levels or something just an idea

Some more wats to keep it exciting like bonus levels or something


the game is fantastic extend the game i love it

oh, what a neat mechanic! this could be refined and streamlined. oh wow! more story, love the music, needs more games, for a series!

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3.71 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2017
9:36 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional