Running out of Power Inc.

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A small thing I made for LD 39 for the compo (48h).

Originally wanted to add a really cool wallrunning/jumping mechanic. sadly i suck at coding and could not make that bug free.

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OW MY WRIST. I got what I thought was an alternative ending by going through the other door. OW.

Well, an interesting game, but I have to say that it's probably not exactly your best one yet. While a simple side platformer with a few spikes and jumps and levels is always good to get me in the mood, the game unfortunately stops at that. That sounds is almost non existant. The controls are not refined, which you really want to do when making a platformer with spikes. The narration was interesting at times, but dull for the most part. Much of the screen is not used, and even the alternate path that you can take at the end(even though I liked the choice) doesn't lead to anything different. And that's about it, no enemies, no items or special abilities, no puzzles and not even a compelling story. It kind of fit the theme of the Ludum Dare... but it was a bit forced. I did feature it as the forth game in my Ludum Dare video: https://youtu.be/uE77-kUNssM . I know game jams impose a sever time contraint, but I'm sure you can do better, so move along.

i liked the ambient sound and the writing was great until the ending. also i turned the power off but the lightbulb outside was still on.
otherwise this was a pretty cool game good job friend

And Nothing of Importance Was Lost That Day

This game just pissed me right the fuck off. Let's start from the top. I love how instead of music or silence we get just white noise, which I thought was cool and gave the game an ominous feel to it. The presentation was simplistic, you could make out the basics of an office complex. The story I actually kind of liked, except the ending sucked because no matter the path you took or the action you took, nothing happened at the end. I understand you got 48 hours and anything made in that time is ambitious. It doesn't excuse the lackluster ending though. I thought, well if I do this maybe there will be a different outcome... but there isn't. The controls are stiff which isn't too bad until you introduce the spike hazards which are... pointless. The introduction to them was okay, until the next room with them where you have to make a pixel perfect jump to get passed them. Replaying the game to see if there was a different ending based on a different path was awful. It just filled me with rage. Then the room with the text "I had a great time here" must have been some sick joke on your part or part of the story in the message being a lie. I'd believe both honestly because just a drop down into a spike room and another pixel perfect jump to get to the door. Overall the game wasn't that great. I mean come on, I remember playing Shword, a game you did in 7 days, which I absolutely loved.

|| Cheers ||
*Good Presentation
*Good Sound
*Great Music
*Good Story
*Okay Controls

|| Jeers ||
*Bad Gameplay

First time I ran straight to exit - there was a huge light bulb plugged in the end ( was it sun???) and it all ended with black screen.

Second time I ignored exit, jumped to the other door trough spikes and turned off the machine - the huge orb was still plugged in but game ended (or get stuck?) with light still on. Is that supposed to be the difference?

A confirmation that game has ended and a replay button would be nice.

What I liked was the guys rationalizations why he keeps telling himself that working in this big cubicle company is not so bad. This is how most people actually live - they hate their job but find excuses to convince themselves that it is not so bad. That was nailed. Everything else was underdeveloped.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2017
3:19 PM EDT
Simulation - Other