VALOR: The Lord and Savior

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Beam Me Up Scotty 5 Points

Enter the First Portal ever opened

Bombs Away 5 Points

Collect a bomb and use it, over and over and . . . .

Bottles on Tap 5 Points

Collect your first potion

Collect First Spell 5 Points

Grab some magic and hope it helps you in the long run

Death by Fire 5 Points

Dance with the flames, literally!

Death is Amongst Us 5 Points

Die for a cause

Give 'Em the Axe 5 Points

Collect an axe and chop 'em down

I Ain't Fraid of No Ghost 5 Points

Defeat your evil twin?

Let There Be Fire 5 Points

Spam the fire spell with no mercy

Live by the Sword 5 Points

Collect the heaviest sword

Scarred Huh? 5 Points

Reheal when things get tough

Secrets Are Secrets 4 A Reason 5 Points

Find a key and then open its door....Where is it?

That's Not Green Soup 5 Points

Defeat The Damniator . . . if its possible

The Golden Goose 5 Points

Collect a Goose and gain the reward

Mr. Magic Man 10 Points

Use magic to win the day...or the night

Collection Complete 25 Points

Max out your stock of life (potions)

Fearless as fuk! 25 Points

Become Level 5 powerful

Learn to Swim ASAP! 25 Points

Become frozen without catching a cold

That's Ice Cold Baby 25 Points

Defeat the Heaviest Soldier there is!

I Am the Warrior 50 Points

Defeat Tero in deadly combat

Okay...Still Too Damn Strong! 100 Points

Defeat the Savior in fatal combat

Too Damn Strong! 100 Points

Defeat the Lord in armed combat

Author Comments

You are VALOR, you were banished to the "Valley of North Return" for eternity. It is a place where the living wish for death and the dead wishes for life.

You will wish for neither, you want your freedom back. You want your soul back and in order to get it you will have to reach out and take it from the ruler of this world's hand.

- Travel in multiple directions and discover multiple enemies, traps, weapons, etc.

Losing is a part of winning, you can't rejoice winning if you've never lost. This game is not about how difficult it is, it is not about how many times the game bashes you instead, its about choices. How do you want to approach this?...Do you remember how you got that weapon?....Do you know where not to go?....Do you really even need to fight this enemy with your bare feet? Everything is actually in your hands....well, except your soul (LAUGHES) XD

Have fun and enjoy.

As always:

Subscribe to the Youtube channel, Join the Facebook and the Twitter. The more fans we have the more stuff we'll provide and the more we can start doing. Help us grow and we'll make sure you never get bored. A Tree can't grow without the necessities. Thanks. :)

- Be warned, this game varies in the Difficulty. The worst you do the Harder the game gets, do not expect just to speed run through this because I know I lot of you will.

- Opponents can only be hit at certain points during their animations. Just like you can only be hit when you stop moving. Do not expect to just slap your opponent around like a rag doll.

**UPDATES** 7-17-2017
- Trying to go through the left or right wall will result in instant death.

**UPDATES** 7-21-2017
- PASSWORD system has been included.
- Valor no longer stands behind Bosses during Boss Battles. The character has been placed in the Foreground.

- Helpful Advise and More Wiki:

- This will be the first of the last two games to be uploaded. Maybe in the future I and my team will return to uploading games but, we're moving onward to animations for the time being and before you start to think about it yes the animations will be on the Mature side. (Evil Laugh)

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This has a pretty solid story but my big issues include being able to slide with your slide attack inside obstacles, that is probably not intentional on your part but it's an issue. Sliding into the inside of a rock or whatever it is supposed to be getting trapped and taking damage with no means of escaping is incredibly frustrating, I haven't really made it far enough to have thoughts beyond that.

Newshield responds:

Lol...You know that flamming rocks are not suppose to be walked through. Your Slide attack is an automatic kick action. You're suppose to kick through the rocks from outside. Your Slide animation is a 2 for 1 action. It helps you avoid taking damage from attacks and is an attack to opponents as well. Trust me, the game is not as bad as folks are making it out to be.

tried to play this on firefox. got to first level where you have to pick up your weapon. character responds when i press the movement keys, but does not move from start location.

Newshield responds:

You gotta pick up the weapon first. You don't have to use it but, its there to teach you how to pick up items throughout the game.

even the most basic controls in this are difficult to use. at first glance it seemed like it was kind of like an old arcade fighter, but its really not so much. the movement is just absurdly jerky and it doesnt make much sense that i cant just walk. if you want to make the movement all dash based, you cant leave us with such a small screen.
you should never have the player use arrows, mouse, AND spacebar. we have to be able to hit any button without moving our hands back and forth. i feel like there are plenty of keys near the ones used that make mouse controls obsolete. at the very least you need to add more optional controls, say WASD and mouse OR spacebar and arrow keys, etc
i dont even understand how the map works. how can it be 2x2 areas when the
im not saying this game is that bad but there are so many technical issues in just the first few areas
that give me a headache
maybe ill come back later

Newshield responds:

So basically either I'm losing my mind are people here just refuse to read. This is why I stated before hand that this game was made because I wanted to make it. I didn't do it to impress anyone. I know that you like many others refused to read the game or, refused to play and just try jumping into it and rushing through it.

I know this is true because in your own words you claimed: "at the very least you need to add more optional controls, say WASD and mouse OR spacebar and arrow keys, etc"

The game tutorial clearly tells you at the very First area of the game that you can use the WASD keys or Arrow Keys. You don't even have to use the Space Bar because that attack is optional. You strike enemies by tapping or holding down the S or Down Arrow Key.

Plus, just like its explained in the tutorial the whole Dashing run is there to allow you to evade attacks instead of jumping which would still leave you open to take a hit. The Dash (if did at the right time) allows you to dash through enemy attacks. There's even a Wiki that shows how the game is suppose to be played.

the sound effect is poor
the control is weird but ok
the story is good, but you have to made it more clear why are those enemies trying to stop Valor.
This game needs to be improved a bit.

Newshield responds:

Read the Wiki.

so so you need work on your coding I keep dying in the door or wall ps I'm a coder I you need help

Newshield responds:

You're suppose to avoid the walls. This makes the player stay in the area which is the stage itself.

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2017
7:20 AM EDT
Adventure - Other