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TIEM magazine #7,5

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INSTRUCTIONS: click on the RIGHT-side of the page in order to move to the NEXT page.
click on the LEFT-side of the page, in order to move to the PREVIOUS page.

DISCLAIMER: the issue(s) of TIEM is an e-magazine, created by the clockcrew, and it offers many random, silly, funny or cool stories, interviews, comics and articles.

ALSO: the views expressed on this magazine do not necessarily represent the views of the editor(s), or those of the submitter/organiser of this magazine.


EDITOR: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2
COMPILER OF MAGAZINES: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic. (thank you)
ACTIONSCRIPT WIZARD: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic. (again, thanks)
SALVAGER OF OLD TIEM MAGAZINES: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2


THIS ISSUE HAS an exclusive interview with munglai-clock, AKA, the famous cartoonist that has created the famous cartoons ‘’ACE DISCOVERY’’, and ‘’two lone wolves’’, while he is still active in cartoon network’s animation studio.

ALSO, it features an interview with radiotube-clock, one of newground’s most talented and humble flash artists, a great animator, a huge artist and a good friend of mine. It was an honour for me to interview him for this magazine.

This issue, has been the 8th magazine of TIEM, and it was compiled by zombie-linclock on the summer of 2007, while it tried to bridge the gap between the last consecutive TIEM issue (of 2006), and of the contemporary TIEM magazine that was planned at the time(2007), so this new issue had to discuss some very important things: the events of 2007’s clockday, and the future of the CC.

When i first heard of this specific issue, some people called it the 7th TIEM, or ‘’TIEM#7’’, since noone knew the exact number of the old TIEM issues (until 2014, when the list of the old issues was given to me by an old clock coder...).

so, despite the fact that this magazine is technically our 8th issue, and since i can’t name it TIEM#7, i decided to nickname it TIEM#7,5, because: it was nicknamed ‘’TIEM#7’’, it was created on 2007, and it was (finally) submitted on the summer of 2017, 10 full years since its creation.
The number 7 was too strong in this one to ignore it.

''TIEM'' name idea: Yoyo-clock
general style, idea+format of this issue: Leek-clock.
I hope that you will enjoy this e-magazine, because many people worked hard for this, and it's about time their hard work got recognized.
(also note: this is not a game, but an e-magazine. it may not look like much, but it is good, and it has funny articles. please view and review this magazine fairly, and judge it with a fair hand.)

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I really like these mini-comics.

chris-the-stick2 responds:

i like them too, they are cool archives from the clockcrew's existence!
thank you for your nice review!

Credits & Info

2.36 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2017
7:41 PM EDT