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Voltaic Triple-Gun (C3 Jam)

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Author Comments

Harness the power of lightning to make your way through obstacles and enemies.

You can only hold three bullets, but they make up for lack of numbers with power and versatility. They also count for your health, so be careful on empty!

This is a top-down shooter with simple controls and context-sensitive abilities. Surround yourself with a shield, or call down lightning and thunder! These abilities will help you in combat, and add depth to navigating and conquering the environment.

Submitted as part of the two week Construct 3 Game Jam.

For any game devs who might be interested, here's a link to the C3 project file for the game: https://github.com/Valettus/Voltaic_Triple-Gun

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no se como avansar se me vugeo ay algo que no puedo "romper"
y creo que me tienen que apareceser 3 ruvys verdes.
pero me aparecen 2 nomas.
le daria una estrella pero como es original 3.5
esa es mi puntuacion.

Interesting and original game. Complex mechanics, I somehow completed the game without fully understanding them, just trying what works on each block that stood in the way. If there were more and harder levels perhaps it would force me to remember mechanics properly.

Enemies are often too difficult to avoid especially in 3rd level. In most cases I just kamikazed in them and next time they were gone. After clearing level by kamikaze attacks the 3rd level was much easier then 2nd. I think this was not a good way to make it. It would have been better if avoiding enemies was easier but enemies respawned together with your ship so player had to complete level properly.

Aside from balancing out how enemies work this game could also be longer to deserve a higher score. 3 levels is really short and first level is basically just a tutorial.

ValettusGD responds:

Hey, thanks for taking the time to review and give feedback! You're right, the game needs a lot of polishing. I'm picking away at another version as I have time. This version is very short because I was running up against the Game Jam deadline.

Nice game! Really fun to play, pretty challenging, cool graphics and soundtrack, original idea... It's perfect! :D

ValettusGD responds:

Wow, thanks for the glowing review! :D I'm happy you liked it so much.

I love your game! 10/10

ValettusGD responds:

Awesome, thanks for playing!

Lol, the explanation of how to make special abilities work is in the title page's "About" button... I spent a while just figuring stuff out in-game (it really wasn't obvious even with the instructions) and after finishing it I went and checked out that button and saw it would've made things a lot easier if I did that while I was trying to figure stuff out.

That said, IMO most of the fun in the game was figuring out how to get those special abilities to work to get through the levels; if I started off knowing how to use them, then getting through the levels would've been a lot more straightforward. If you were to expand this game, or make other games that try to capture the same spirit, I'd say to keep introducing new mechanics as the game progresses for the player to figure out how to use effectively to make it through.

ValettusGD responds:

Haha, yeah I added the ability controls to that page last minute, but it's good to hear you had fun discovering how to use the abilities on your own. It was my intention to have the player learn them organically, so I'm glad it worked for you. I know the in-game instruction wasn't great (thus the addition to "About"), so I'll certainly introduce them more gradually and more clearly if I make another version.

I can't change this version now that the Game Jam license for the engine is up, but I'll probably expand on this game at some point.

I appreciate the feedback!