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Dolphin at Arms {Tech-Demo}

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9 years since The Horde of Steel was defeated and The War of Three has ended.

9 years as Annarian Empire signed The Pact of Unity with ally Odrogan Empire and defeated Metrocian Empire (or what was left of it anyway) .

Today this pact was signed and it's time to celebrate beautiful 9 years of peace everyone had.

You're a dolphin who retired from the military now making people laugh and applause in city of Ranaqa as they watch your show for this great holiday, but everything changes.

Peace has been broken in the most violent way as Odrogan Empire makes it's assault on Ranaqa killing thousands of innocent man, women and children.

Now you as ex-military Dolphin Cola together with Dolphin Jessy and little human boy Micky must escape from the battlefield into the open sea.

But company of three cannot imagine what awaits them along the way!

Dolphin at Arms - a child looking perhaps, but not a child at all story.
Metaphorical description for it - an ice cream with a hot pepper inside.
It's all #WeBornWeLiveWeDie story

PLEASE NOTE, that the final version of the game will BE FAR FAR BETTER. This is just tech demo.

Purpose of the jam is to show what Construct 3 is capable of. Some people even using Construct for the first time. So I think releasing full game shouldn't be necessary.

I'm really sorry that I'm releasing such version for the jam. I've planned a good short adventure for the player, but just couldn't get in time. I worked day and night to get this many done. Had scenes with my wife over it as she had to take care of our little baby and I didn't helped. So yeah wasn't easy.

Later I will release full version of the game including all story levels and later around THIRTY non-story levels as I plan on continuing this idea.

Also as game focused on full mouse control it's logical to release it on mobile platforms if all goes well.

Now when that all explained I'll go to sleep. Have fun testing!

If you see any bugs don't let them go. Report to me and I squash the hell out of them :)

I will need testers, but I don't want to release unstable / unfinished game for other players to view especially if it hurts the story (That's why there's practically no story in this tech-demo) So if you have experience of testing and want to participate - write a private message to me.

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Like the concept, I hope the full version will be availible soon. The tech demo worked nice, keep up the good work.

MikhailPD responds:

Thank you. Very good content takes time and that's what I want you and other players to have.
My most honest estimate 4-5 months.

Great Idea and god tech-demo but its's short and unfinished.

MikhailPD responds:

Indeed. I don't like unfinished projects! Demo, alpha versions and etc. People should try at least projects that will look more/less like the final product or confusion is imminent! And this tech-demo is just a sketch of what I have for it.
Just didn't wanted sleepless nights be all for nothing :)

Excellent work. A compelling story that is creative, and fun gameplay! Can't wait to see more.

I like the ambiance of your game !

MikhailPD responds:

Thanks. Will keep focusing on it! Plot circles around dolphin, but it's really the background that sends the message.