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My entry for the Construct 3 Jam.
"Go into the forest with your friends! Slay a god! Have fun!"
The game is pretty unpolished, so sorry for stuff you might encounter. I was in a rush to enter the jam with two days left. just like a real jam ^^'

WASD - move
J - Ranged attack
K - Magic attack
L - Melee attack
Space - Merge! / Unmerge :(
Enter (when merged) - LIMIT BREAK

Music: sawsquarenoise - Fire Darer


There's definitely something here, but it's just not quite there. It just needs more polish.

werewolf6666 responds:

Thank you! I feel the same honestly ⎝´• ﹏ •`⎠ I started late on this game jam and only had two days to finish. polish just suffered, too bad, but lots of lessons learned for an eventual sequal ^^'

fucking hilarious. obviously some glitches but overall i did enjoy it

werewolf6666 responds:

Kill the glitch god!! (ง ͠°ᨓ °)ง

Actually i dont know what to say. It is very short but not bad. The idea is not original but can be build upon, if you intend to make more out of it.

If you do i would recommend that only the front guy can be damaged by enemy attacks (also that the front guy changes as soon you change the attack.)

I didnt see much differences in the effect of the weapons beside the flight path.

The boss was a bit too easy, since once you reached him you could attack the heart without getting hurt.

But all in all not bad for a first game.

werewolf6666 responds:

Good suggestions! I'll make more games in the future. I have made some smaller projects in the past, but nothing too finished because it was all game-jam work. I might come back to- and expand on this idea and if I do I'll keep your tips in mind:)

It's cute for what it is, and I like the art. Short game that doesn't present much of a challenge, when lives are meaningless nothing is really a threat. It was never made clear why the three can merge or what that means, it looks really cool but it's a bold choice that isn't taken anywhere and there's at least something else you could have done with it.

werewolf6666 responds:

Thanks! I tried focussing on mechanics, I'm definetly a story fan myself too, but could not afford to lose time on making a lot of fancy splash screens. a shame, but my fault for not starting sooner on the jam. challenge was also on the bottom of the to-do list. hehe I guess the sequal will just have to be more dark soul-esque ;)

★ First : HUGE play screen, like, so big it pours off the side of the newgrounds border. I give this game 2/5 because despite the potential I see in it, it has a lot of glitches and some of the game mechanics just arent polished. And im not gonna beat you down for the game having bugs and so forth and so on because hey, you're new to this ! And for someone who's new at this you did a phenomenal on it.

There are some issues with the jumping system that I think needs tending to, one of my men ( the archer ) got stuck behind a ledge, which prompted the jumping noise to spam and one of my other men to die. Then i couldn't move. I pressed space and it collected everyone into one spot but after i literally.. could do nothing. No attacking, no jumping, no moving.

werewolf6666 responds:

Thank you for the kind words! You are right about the bugs. the game was made in little under two days so polish suffered greatly. The freeze bug is defintely weird. I'll look into that. Thanks for mentioning it!

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Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

May 28, 2017
6:58 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop