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Feed Me and Get Out

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Author Comments

I want to sleep. Or die. Finally I've finished that Jam.
Every piece of this game made by myself. I hope you enjoy!

You need money to buy fish for the Cat King.
You have only 3 bullets. Don't forget to pick them up.

Arrows - move and jump
F -shoot
E - action (interact with cat and shop)
P - fullscreen (better in fullscreen)

D-Pad or Left Analog - move
A - jump
X - shoot
Y - action


The game has been updated. Bugs fixed. Now death do not affect your coins count. Once you are picked one, you will never lose it by death happens or any other shit (except restart).

New update. Double price bug fixed.
Also thank you all for your feedback! I really appreciate it! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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good game but it's to fucking hard

HOW MANY FISH DOES THE CAT NEED? I managed to buy one, thanks to the coins being preserved after death, and I assume you can only buy bullets if you're missing one of the three. But apparently buying the cat a fish was not enough to "Get Out" as the name of the game implies. Also, the hitboxes are tiny on the enemies (I shoot over them all the time, which is ridiculous because the bullets are the size of baseballs), and they can very easily block all of your bullets with an indestructible debris shield. So, as constructive criticism, it's a great game, but if bullets destroyed debris, the projectiles had slightly bigger hitboxes (making it possible to actually hit what you're aiming at), and you could actually win the game, then I would rate the game higher.

Not fun. Made it to the store once and couldn't buy bullets for some reason? Tried a few more rounds, and it's just more of the same. There is one room which is absolutely impassible (the one that ends with a hard pit full of zombies), so it's really just compounded dicerolls to 1) don't get unlucky with that impassible room, 2) don't get unlucky with the stupid debris-shield mechanic, 3) don't get unlucky with bullets flying across the room leaving you helpless, 4) don't get unlucky being spawned into enemies, etc.

great graphics and audio, game design definitely needs more iteration.

The game looks incredible, really high quality presentation!. I just have some problems with the gameplay:
-Hitbox on the enemies are a little weird.
-The bullets tend to get blocked by the debris(don't know if this is intentional)
I love the animations and the effects. Really cool game :D

Game Jam Theme Presentation: Top notch, with the theme hinging on your survival.
Control: Simple, tight, and responsive, but serious issues with the hitboxes make the difficulty feel artificial.
Style: Unique, with cute characters contrasted by a bleak setting.
Difficulty: Would be easy; see 'Control' above.
Music / Soundtrack: Fits the setting perfectly
Audio / VA: Crisp & hits the mark.
Graphics: Great, but lags on my low-end PC in fullscreen mode.
Obligatory Roger Ebert-esque caustic criticism: "Feed Me and Get Out is, at its core, a lesson on how much everybody hates Construct 3's physics engine."