Create the Police State

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Somehow you have been elected as a President. Now you have 4 years to create the Police State from your liberal democratic country and to destroy lives of your citizens. Why? That's simple. Because you can (and because a lot of presidents do it IRL)
You need to adopt Police State laws, start wars, build labor camps and do a lot of different horrible stuff! Try to complete this game. This is not an easy task.
P.S. I was born in USSR so English is not my native language, and I'm really sorry for my grammar mistakes. On the other hand I know about the Police State creation from the inside ;)
Good luck!
// v 1.1. I added the alternate ending (for a peaceful gameplay) and a couple of new random events


Very interesting and fun game, though difficult it poses a great challenge for people to play, if you like government/strategy games, give this one a try!

Very entertaining. Shows what liberals are terrified of but simultaneously pray to occur.

It is fun trying to make laws, keep the people happy, and sometimes start a war. It could use different difficulty levels to help new players figure everything out. Great job.

Is there more games like this, because you know this is a great game!

Fun game! In a way, it has tough me a little bit about politic and socioeconomic. I guess it was interesting since I happens to be a business major.

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3.79 / 5.00

May 28, 2017
7:34 AM EDT
Strategy - Other