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Somehow you have been elected as a President. Now you have 4 years to create the Police State from your liberal democratic country and to destroy lives of your citizens. Why? That's simple. Because you can (and because a lot of presidents do it IRL)
You need to adopt Police State laws, start wars, build labor camps and do a lot of different horrible stuff! Try to complete this game. This is not an easy task.
P.S. I was born in USSR so English is not my native language, and I'm really sorry for my grammar mistakes. On the other hand I know about the Police State creation from the inside ;)
Good luck!
// v 1.1. I added the alternate ending (for a peaceful gameplay) and a couple of new random events

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Great game. This state has similar laws like North Korea. Luckily I live in europe not in North Korea. I liked the game since it is very hard and I dont like those games which are just too easy. Oh I liked it also because it taught me strategy.

10/10 great game.

so much like real life. soon the death camps will start.

The review underneath this one gave me fucking cancer.

Very smart game that is fun and also conveys political processes rather precisely, although some points are arguable - for instance while it is true that some police states persecute sexual minorities, other police states protect them. It is in fact impossible for unnatural sexual minority groups to survive without protection from a police state, because by default society shuns such groups. So some states act as protectors of such minorities and use them as their cultural subversive agents abroad while others ban them to avoid this subversion.
Similarly while poorer police states often resort to banning internet or other certain forms of media, more richer states may merely ban private expression on internet and other media and try to own nearly 100% of the content by creating laws that allow only their version of the politically correct content to reach audience often using more subtle means then hard bans like ridicule, demonetization, doxing and others.

About this particular game - the winning is easy. I won from 1st try and achieved hardcore ending in 3rd try.
First, during Year 2017 increase your income trough all means possible - nationalization of industries/resources and investment in other countries and start building power plant. Your aim is to accumulate a huge budget that you will spend later. If you do this by late 2018 you will have enough of a budget (150-250)so that you wont be able to spend it no matter what you do afterwards. Also start creating personality cult this year.
Second, while your plant is building, which ought to be ready sometime in second half of 2018, keep happiness and citizen wealth high trough cultural exchange and allowing border state to invest in you.
Third, after power plant is ready you can start creating expanses and adopting unpopular laws, start with those that are required for history rewriting and brainwashing then immediately activate these programs. You might want to declare war to Isi...err Islanders before that to minimize the effect of these 4 unpopular laws. Don't declare that war sooner then that because then you will lose more then 10% of population and will not reach hardcore ending. And don't declare any other wars at all, rest of countries are your partners.
Lastly, keep reducing taxes until happiness is close to max, and adapt the rest of police state laws, start with secret police as it helps you a bit by raising safety. Remaining three laws (Gays/Visas/Curtain) should be left as last. After each law issued get happiness back by reducing taxes. Don't declare any other wars or you will lose to many people to reach hardcore ending.

Very interesting game, though a bit convoluted.

Surely an improvement would be geared toward creating a certain TYPE of dictatorship, according to their own political and economic views.

IlyaKrivenko responds:

It's a nice idea for a second part :) Thank you!

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May 28, 2017
7:34 AM EDT
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