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UPDATE : As requested by some of you in the comments we extended a little bit the game.

Google chrome recommended.
Xbox gamepad supported.

Help those three little creatures to escape their condition of being a piece of dirt.
Use arrow keys to move and spacebar for actions.

This game was made for the #construct 3 gamejam "good things come in three".

Hope you'll enjoy it!


The game was so good till the leaf-head because I died going back (stupid me),
so I restarted from the last checkpoint but I was not able to go over the rock because the big one can't jump and all the piecies remained on the left side of that rock, so actually I just can't destroy the rocks to go through them because the 1/3 pieces can't destroy them so I can't go on with the game and I'm not going to restart the whole game just because of this bug.
Sorry guys, fix it for the next players if you understood what I was talking about.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Hey... The thing you describe aint no bug. You have to making over the rock by passing with two character then leave one on the other side -> taking the third one and then you are able to rebuild the big character & break the wall. (2 by 2)

Excellent game all around. Really impressive.

Since people are having problems progressing through the game here are my words of wisdom: Leaf-head gets a bigger jump after beeing exposed to water. Expose im to the light after that and his leaves grow even bigger and now you have a really big jump and, if you hold down the jump button, you hover.

i was in the second save point area and the left arrow button on my beast alienware 15r laptop just stopped working. Checked it in another tab (blank, not NG), it was fine there.

had to start over. ;(

It was hard for me to get the controls. I got stuck in those 'sponge things', and I couldn't find out what to do. I really like the way you made this and I'm sure it's super cool once I get past that thing. But the first impression wasn't there for controls and the getting 'trapped' part.( I'm sure that I'll get it later, and then regret this review. Oh well.)

Well I was really enjoying this. Unlike many I had no problem figuring out the water in the roots and the light on the eye but I am now completely stuck with the leaf head where it says I can hover. Nothing jumps high enough to get up the platforms, it isn't hovering using any of the controls and I cannot go anywhere, that is THE most frustrating thing in a game ever, when you have got so far and then it becomes completely illogical and you are stuck. Very disappointing as I was enjoying it but as there is no walkthrough and I have just read through all the comments and this isn't noted I will be closing the page, really annoying!

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May 27, 2017
4:39 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other