Casper the Animated Series Pilot

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Honest to god can't remember my original intent for this, there was something else to it but I've forgotten at this point. More to it than this stupid joke that made me pursue it but I don't recall what it was.

Intro theme by Oddboy18: https://twitter.com/oddboy18

Car SFX by Ryan A. Boone: https://twitter.com/BooneBum


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The animation is fantastic, and I like dark humor.

HAHAHA this was great!

C'est la vie, kid. :1 Well done fluid animation. Imma sucker for fluid animation and this was quite well done. I've seen better but good enough by my opinion.

Jesus that run cycle was juicy.
This puts most sat morning cartoons to shame haha
Funny too.. was hoping the GB crew was gonna suck him up!

And that's why you look both ways, kids.