Dance Master

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Dance like Hammer 5 Points

Dance score of 1000

Dance like Presley 10 Points

Dance score of 10,000

Dance like Gene 25 Points

Dance score of 30,000

Dance like Fred 50 Points

Dance score of 50,000

Dance like The King of Soul 50 Points

Dance score of 75,000

Dance like MJ 100 Points

Dance score of 90,000

Dance Master 100 Points

Your the greatest Dancer ever!

Author Comments

!!!!!!! No Edge or Internet Explorer support yet!!!!!!!

*update* Added a simple save/load, fixed pizza job ,and some other requests.

Move: Arrow keys
Use/Talk/Buy: Space Bar
Dance: A,S,W,D
Help: H key
Full screen: Enter(return) key
Quick Save: I key
Quick load: P key
Click the Dance Magic button to toggle magic on/off

!!!!!!! No Edge or Internet Explorer support yet!!!!!!!

Some medals not unlocking? let me know so i can fix it for you. general patch for this will be out hopefully 05/02/2017. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please ask me anything and sent me your request for changes and future update's you would like to see
in Dance Master
*Hot fix out now

Can you become the Dance Master?

2+ Hour Soundtrack

Buy new outfits and hair cuts

Pay bills and work so you can have money to party

Use Dance Magic

*Edge browser not working right now

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exit club no working with opera :/ nice game

ogier87 responds:

Thanks for letting me know. I will be fixing that with the next patch.

Promising, the game seems fun but like Plasmarift says: a map! More panels/arrows to tell what and where's what. Walking is slow and it took me 2 lives to find 'my home' (hopefully the help shows what it looks like - without that I might have never found it!) and I still died because I couldn't find the door. Maybe start in the house? + a tutorial walking us through the basics would probably help a lot. +Clearly show what items we can interact with (eg: the oven-health-refill I might have not found w/o reading Plasmarift's comment. Maybe portals to reach far places???

Game seems really fun, we can see a lot of work has been put into it, but it needs a little bit more because I don't think I'm alone not wanting to roam around for lives to figure things out.

ogier87 responds:

Thanks for playing and for the review. I have been working on a patch for most of the thing you both said. hopefully within the next few days it will be ready. A map is on its way, as for fast travel i maybe adding a car and so on,

watch out its addictive.

Really nice and fuuny. REALLY BIG.

I have to say, this is a very cool and interesting game. I wasn't really expecting it going in (the art in the thumbnail does not look professional so it may turn some people off before they even give it a try). There's so much going on in this game and I like it, but I do have some problems with it:
- The pizza delivery game is broken. Whenever I hit spacebar, it create another car, sometimes one that is outside the playable area (I had at least 7 cars on the screen). Also, perhaps a small instruction manual for the player when it comes to driving because it drives weird compared to the main character.
- The story is an interesting one (kind of reminds me of Pokemon "I want to be the very best, like no one ever was", but the way it is presented is boring and the voice it is told, mixed with the art, just make the game leave a bad impression. You could make a slideshow showing the story using the same voice as it makes the game more immersive and will more likely draw the player in. Or, you could try making an animation for the beginning, though the first one is easier.
- The game is so large that it is easy to get lost. Perhaps add a map option that points to the player's house so they know where to go to rest. You wouldn't need to show the whole world, just the main places.
- When the player is inside their house, please make it so the rest bar doesn't go down anymore. I got in the house and was ready to go to bed, hit spacebar, but moved slightly afterwards and found myself outside. I tried to go back to the bed, but ran out of time.
- The oven giving the player health is cool since this means the house can recharge the player, but just making the oven light up wasn't enough for me (it didn't register to me that it was giving me food. I just happen to find out by looking down at the food icon. Perhaps add a chewing or crunching sound or a thought bubble to indicate to the player in some way that this is how they get food.)
- What is the thing next to the food icon? It goes up the more you dance in the club, but I don't know what it is for.
- If you sleep long enough, you go into a world of Heaven and hell, correct? That's what keeps happening to me. The angels and demons keep disappearing when I go near them for some reason and the "quit" button doesn't work. The only thing that does work is the "hit spacebar to play", which brings the player to the hell challenge where you have to keep dancing until you are let out.
- Perhaps add a button on the keyboard that can turn on and off dance magic instead of having to switch between using the mouse to activate it. (also, you spelled "dance" wrong on the button. It says dane magic).
- So, there are two houses available to sleep at? That's a good idea as it gives the player another rest stop, but what's the story behind the second house? Usually ,people only own one home (Also, what does paying the water bill do? The player doesn't use it to my knowledge).
- A pause button would be a good idea (as well as a mute button. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of the game, but some people like to play their own music when playing games. Plus, this just may not be their type of music).
- The battle aspect of the game is actually pretty cool and unexpected. The problem is that it doesn't take any skill, which seems counter intuitive in a game that revolves around gaining more skills. The player can fire in four directions, but the enemies can fire in any direction and the enemies and their attack move at the same speed as the player, if not faster (and their attack bounce off walls). If there were dance move combinations that could make different attack patterns or more powerful attacks, things would be different. It also stinks that sleep is the player's life bar when it comes to battles because avoiding enemy fire is just not always possible. With this system, you punish the players for exploring because when they run out of life, they end up in hell having to stay there for some time trying to get out. I do understand that you can upgrade yourself, but I'd rather have the optional skills to beat the enemies rather than trying to upgrade myself to outlast them.
- All the characters in the game are pretty cool though more interactivity between them and player would be good. I wished going up some of the people that they would respond or say something. The only ones that do are the guy guarding the entrance to the club and the guy inside the club's entrance. (I feel a little sad you didn't ask me to do voices for the game, but oh well).
- There are so many little things you added into the game that make it interesting like the Simon Says puzzle, the movie theater movies.
- The console game in the game looked pretty cool though I think it could have been done better as the controls are kind of stiff. Trying to turn in a different direction takes time which is annoying.
- I like that the character will continue to dance if the start moving while dancing. It's pretty cool.
- I've found food outside, like a burger and water bottle, but I'm not able to interact with them. Is this normal?

I still like the game and it's obvious you put a lot into. It makes this game unique and stand out from the mass of clones and amateur projects (no offense to amateur game designers though) I've seen put onto the web in the last few months. I wish you luck in both your future and this games' future.

ogier87 responds:

Thank you for the feedback, i will work on all of you request and fixes for the bugs you said in the coming days. I will let you know when the update is ready.

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

May 2, 2017
8:38 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 2nd Place May 4, 2017