Dungeons Deep

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Delve deep into the unknown roguelike-ish dungeons, brave yet a bit greedy adventurer!

* Delve into dungeons deep
* Grab as much loot as you can hoard
* Survive as long as you can avoid monsters of the deep

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This game is great! It reminds me of another MMO I used to play, so that made is all the more fun. Getting around the monsters gets challenging, particularly when there is treasure on the level. Well done!

Not really an RPG....
You can use the arrow keys btw

I disliked the swiping mechanism. If you could've used WASD or the arrow keys I would've liked it better.

Not bad by any means but you cannot pickup the blocks if you run over them too fast which is BS.

You missed the mark, I'm afraid.
As others noted, some issues are:
1. Being unable to mute sound, since it's unnecessary to game play.
2. Game play is too simple and repetitive. It just involves the same 3x3 grid in a different arrangement with an enemy, a treasure, and an exit.
3. Where is the fun? It is not stimulating, exciting, or even challenging to avoid an enemy that is not interested in you. The lack of variety in the map makes this beyond repetitive and goes into tedium.
4. In all, it has the fun of an avoider game, where you dodge around stuff and nab a goal/token for points before heading to the exit.
5. It might be better if you had to make your way through an actual dungeon, as this appears to just be a stairwell.
6. Vary up the enemies.
7. If it is supposed to be a dungeon crawler, the reductionist style here is a burden rather than a boon to the gameplay. I'm thinking of the classic, Castle of the Winds 1 & 2. That game had dungeons, randomly generated maps, enemies, equipment, a decent story, and was overall one of the best games for its time. This game makes Castle of the Winds look like the Iliad.

I'm being a little hard on you, I admit, but that's because I get the sense that you can do a lot better than this if you try and move forward with a willingness to do something more and better with the concept. Make it something really fun and cool with better replay value for the audience; then you'll get better reviews.

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3.10 / 5.00

May 2, 2017
11:25 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG