Behind the door

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■How to play:

Memorize the corrent door from each level, and reverse the answer.
You will get prize if you win the level, but you will get something bad if you answer wrong! ;D
You can use ultimate skill to show all answers, at the upper left corner.
How many level you can survive?


Hi! I'm Jeremy7986, a game developer who came from Taiwan.
I love stickman animation. Until now I'm still doing stickman animation and games.
This game "Behind the door" is the first game I made with English version.
And I add some classic and new MEME in this game, maybe you can recognize them!
Hope you enjoy it!

Andriod ver. on Google Play

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Yeah Boi i i i i iiiiiiii i i i i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i i i i iiiiiiiiiii i i i i i iiiiiiiiiii i i i i iiiiiiiiii i i i i iiiiiiiii i i i i iiiiiiiiiii i i i i i iiiiiiiiiii i i i i i

I like the music! Also the game makes me feel smart! Thanks for making the game!!! =D

Love it! We need more of this funny fails and wins!

jeremy7986 responds:


needs a scroll bar or something to scroll with to enable or disable the effects. and choose styles. you can't scroll. otherwise the game is great, especially in the way of humor and concept. usually in these games you just memorize a sequence, just a sequence. in this you gave it a twist, in which the player must do it backwards, something that makes it stand out. the humorous animations adds to this unique concept a guard, simple and flimsy it may be, against gamer rage, inciting one to want to see more animations instead of smashing their device in the face of a black "game over" screen.

this game should be on the various online stores for mobile devices. you could make money with this game. all you really need is product visibility!

......and music options.

jeremy7986 responds:

You can drag and drop the scroll, plz try it.
It's already have android mobile version! :D

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3.78 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2017
2:10 PM EDT
Skill - Other